Thursday, August 2, 2007

Letters! We Get Letters! (Booking Through Thursday)

Booking Through Thursday

Have you ever written an author a fan letter?
Did you get an answer?
Did it spark a conversation? A meeting?
(And, sure, I suppose that e-mails DO count . . . but I’d say no to something like a message board on which the author happens to participate.)

I've thought about writing a letter many times, but never followed through with it. Too shy and chicken I guess. I really wish now I would have, especially back in the old days before email. And now that there is email, I think so many people send them things, that they don't really have time to respond personally to them all. Depending on their level of fame, though, I guess. Anyway, I need to just write someone something and see what happens.


  1. I know what you mean. And the more well known and famous the author, there's always the question of whether you are going to get a response from the author him or herself or maybe just an assistant.

    I have written to authors before, although not many. They've all written back. I know that most authors love to hear from their fans no matter how busy they are.

  2. You never know! I sent an email to an author I really liked, just after she moved to the town I was livng in, and welcomed her to the region. Three years later, we are friends and get together every so often to just hang out.



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