Friday, October 16, 2015

The Walking Dead: First Time Again S6E1 (SPOILERS!)

Much anticipation, as always, for the start of a new Walking Dead season. This one ended up being different from what I expected. I expected much conflict between Rick's group and the Alexandria group. Well, there was some of that, but not as much as I thought. I'm sure more of that will come later.

So this episode was interesting in the fact that we had two different timelines going on. One a little bit into the future and one just after the season finale. That one... the one a bit into the past, was in black and white. I figured the two timelines would quickly come together, which was the case.

So in the black and white bits, we have everyone recovering from what happened at the end of the last episode, namely the two deaths... of Deanna's husband Reg, and the other husband... who's name I forget and who no one is mourning.

Eugene comes in and sees that Tara is okay. He's so relieved. And then Tara asked about Noah and... sadness! Glen, for some reason, appears to be giving that jerk dude that almost killed him (dang, and now I forgot HIS name! Nicholas?) a second chance! WHAT?

But the biggest thing is that Rick takes the one dude out of the fence to bury him. While there, he discovers a huge quarry thing FULL of walkers. And he realizes that this is why Alexandria has had not many walker problems. They've all been trapped here. But he also realizes that the thing (a couple of trucks) holding the walkers into this place is about to give. Which means they have this huge threat over their heads. He hatches up a plan to lead all these walkers far far away.

The color bits are this plan in progress. So at first, as we are watching, we don't really know what's happening, but as the episode goes on, we get it. So there are different teams all stationed around, all with a different job to do and we see that panning out.

So basically, they decide to led the walkers out and have them follow the car and Daryl's motorcycle about 20 miles away. All is going well until... well... until someone (I forget his name too but we don't like him so it's okay) gets bit and he screams. All the walkers veer off the road. But they fix it. And then AND THEN a horn starts honking and CRAP... they veer off again but this time, there is no way to fix it. All the walkers... thousands of them, are now heading toward Alexandria!

The End!

But I forgot to say.. there's a cool new dude! Heath is his name. His hair was mentioned... and I loved it!!

It appears there are no good pictures of him yet out there.


  1. This episode was crazy at first because I was so confused, then I recapped on Wikipedia and remembered everything that went down. I'm excited for this Sunday's episode to see what happens with all those walkers on their way to Alexandria! I want to know who's honking the horn!!!

  2. I don't know how they thought that this would really work... 20 MIILES, yeah because nothing will go wrong in that distance... Idiots! This was quite confusing for me... but I figured the jist out.

  3. Oh, and I do like Heath. He seems cool. He can handle himself, even if he is a bit naive, he at least isn't like Nicholas... I just really don't like that guy!

  4. I was expecting to be blown away by this episode, but I really wasn't. I liked it, but I didn't love it.



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