Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nanowrimo 2015

It's my third year committing to Nano. I'm amazed at the excitement that accompanies this commitment. Why does it seriously cause butterflies in my gut just to say to myself: "I'm going to write a book this month?" And that happens even though I have no idea what it's going to be? I think it's because the anticipation of creating some new characters, and a new story, and a new situation,  is the coolest. It's like making new friends. Or falling in love. Or something. It's really weird and I have no words to describe it.

Maybe the only way I can actually get words out is to push myself like this endeavor makes one do, and have that tangible goal and be doing it with thousands of others around the world. Maybe that's it.

And it's yet to be determined if my words are worth anything. This part is the hardest most frustrating bit. But for some reason I keep pushing on in this and hope to find out soon. There's a small group who say they (the words) aren't too bad so for now, I'm believing them and pushing on.

At any rate, the feeling I get doing this is addicting, so here I am for the third year.

So if you plan to give it a try, either again or for the first time, let me know so we can be Nano buddies. I find the site to be pretty worthless with regard to connecting to people, but it's fun to see what your plans are and your progress as the month goes along. (You can find my profile here.) Most of the real connection happens on Twitter or through our blog posts, so, do let me know so I can stalk you!

As for my plans . . . I hope to finally try science fiction. YA of course. I've always thought it would be fun to set a story on a cruise boat... so I thought I'd combine the two ideas. A space cruise. And then bad stuff happens. But I'm not sure what that bad stuff is yet. I've started making a Pinterest board (a secret one of course!) with ideas, which is a blast. And I've pondered a re-telling of some kind, because that seems to be such a trend and makes plotting a gazillion times easier. So. Maybe.

Meanwhile, I'm still working through my first story, the one I wrote at my first Nano two years ago. And I haven't yet forgotten about last year's Nano story. Whenever I read over some of that stuff it makes me smile and I love those characters. So. I want to share that someday and see if it's just me or if others would feel the same. There's a lot to do! What have I started???

Let me know if you are Nanoing!


  1. Have fun! You're story idea sounds fun. One of these days you'll have to let me read them all.

  2. I’m seriously considering doing Nanowrimo this year. I’ve thought about doing it for years, but I always talk myself out of it. This year I will be pretty busy, but I think I’m just going to go for it. I hope your story goes well and you have fun.

    1. Amy: When I realized that every November will be pretty busy, that's when I finally decided to do it. It won't get less busy, ever. So.. if you've been thinking about it.. do it now! :)



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