Thursday, October 15, 2015

Book Banter Topic 3: The DUFF

It's time for more bantering! Today we're discussing the book, The DUFF by Kody Keplinger. And we are switching it up today with Jenny taking the positive and I'm taking the negative. Don't let it throw you off too much!

Jenny Says:

Reason One: It's Readability

Whether you liked it or not, I have yet to meet a person who didn't at least admit that this book was incredibly readable. It was addicting and hard to put down. Usually when a book is that readable it's due to great writing and an intense story line. Call me a weirdo but I have to give points to a book that is THAT engaging! 

Sueys Says:

I have no argument against this one.  It was readable in a sense, kinda of like not being able to look away from a train wreck. :) I didn't find the writing to be anything special. Mostly I just kept reading, hoping for some sort of change that would make the whole story make sense. 

Jenny Says:

Reason Two:  The Flawed Characters

While not entirely believable, Bianca's life is not and has not been great. Her mother is absent. She knows there's marital problems with her parents and her father, an ex alcoholic, is drinking again. Both her parents have stress outlets. Bianca see's it. She learns her behaviors from them. No her stress outlet is not very smart. It's not a great thing to put in a YA book (I totally think this one should be categorized as NA) but I can understand it. I can sympathize. 

Suey Says:

The characters were terrible. I didn’t like anyone in this book. And I’m usually okay to find the good in even a questionable character. I’m often rooting for the villain, or liking the mean guy, or wanting good things to happen to the underdog, etc. But everyone in this book was just dumb and stupid. They had no brains, like, at all. I couldn’t root for anyone and when that happens, it makes me sad and the book becomes not fun at all.

Jenny Says:

Reason Three:  The Romance

Alright so it might not have started as a love based romance but that doesn't mean it wasn't steamy. I liked that there wasn't that many details about the sex but it sure was sexy! As unreal as it was, I liked that Bianca was lucky enough to have found a guy that didn't just use her too but was willing to admit there was something more to their relationship and stick with her. They may have not been perfect but these two were perfect for each other and with everything bad in their lives I'm glad they found some good in each other. 

Suey Says:

All that sex without romance. Call me old fashioned, but I find sex without love and romance to be no fun. Wrong for sure. Boring even. No chemistry. No feeling. No intense emotions. Mix in the fact that these are teenagers and, yeah. Just, no.  I kept hoping throughout the whole book that maybe, just maybe, they’d find some romance to throw into the mix. But nope. It never happened.  Well, maybe at the very bitter end. And even then, I’m not sure they ever decided for sure if they really liked each other. Or if they were just jealous of anyone else who got to, you know, “be” with that person. Which was the reason I kept reading just to see if it would appear, the romance angle. I was disappointed and let down.

And finally Suey Says:

There was no point. Most books do try to make one. Sometimes it’s pretty vague. Sometimes it’s in your face. But usually you come of off a read with some sort of satisfying feeling, some sort of redeeming thought, some sort of accomplishment. This one had nothing for me. Nothing. Except maybe, “hey kids, perhaps if you feel bad you should talk it out with someone and not have nonstop sex with a guy you can’t stand.” Maybe that was it.

Bottom Line: Skip this book! But don't take my word for it... see what Jenny has to say!

In case you wondered, the movie is a little better, but not much.

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  1. I haven't read the book yet, but I'd probably be a mix of both of you. It really makes me curious as to what I would really think. I'll have to read it sometime and see.



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