Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Have Star Wars Thoughts

The other night, wow, was it ever exciting and crazy and frustrating for Star Wars fans or what? Almost at the same time, tickets for the new movie went on sale and a new trailer was revealed. How much can one fanatic take?

After all the dust settled, I had thoughts.

My first thought is:  how desperately I wanted to respond to the person who commented somewhere during all the craziness, wondering why people cared so much about going to this movie (or any movie they love for that matter) on opening night, or even opening weekend. They said something like, why does it matter if you see it a few days later? I mean, what's the big deal?

And I wanted to say... dude, your comment right there illustrates PERFECTLY why I want to go to this movie (and some others but this one in particular) on opening night (or day.) Which is, I want to be in the audience with other fans, with people who DO care, with people who are excited and will have reactions to things and will love it no matter what. I dread the thought of being in an audience (and I think that even going a few days after opening day this would happen) where everyone just sits there. No gasps, no laughs, no tears, no clapping, no cheering, no nothing. Just sitting.

So yeah, to whoever said that somewhere... THAT's why I want to go as soon as I can, because I don't want to be in the audience with YOU! (Besides, I want to put my money where my mouth is, you know? Which means, if  I'm paying to see this movie, make those dollars count and go opening weekend when it really matters to the crazy weird industry. And P.S., did you see about it breaking records like crazy!?)

Not to mention the fact that the whole freaking world will be talking about this movie instantly, and I don't want to hear about from you all, I want to experience it FIRST and then hear about it. For such a movie that means it must be seen as soon as possible! The spoilers are going to be INSANE that weekend!

All that being said, once I realized tickets were on sale and got to the site where I wanted to buy them (Imax, people, you know it) all the "normal" times for the opening night on Thursday were sold out. I could tell the site was having issues and I could tell that I didn't have much time to think and ponder (like maybe I could look at a further away theater for instance?) so I just went to the next day and managed (now\t without stress and tears) to get tickets at the Imax for Friday night. I'm both excited (I got the tickets!) and sad (but not for the first showing.)

But it will be fun and I think the audience will still be excited that first day.

Then there was the trailer. Sadly, I haven't done my job very well and most the people in my household don't really care, but I enjoyed it on my own and watched it several times, mostly for the tingles that the music causes. And to see the old characters. Though I have a bad feeling about this...I think something very sad is going down. I'm so worried! I tend to not want to analyze every frame and shot like some do, but I do get chills just knowing that another movie is so close.

Speaking of, something else that's been on my mind. Those other movies... the second trilogy...the ones everyone tends to make fun of and hate and I don't know...dismiss. This discussion has always been a hard one for me because I know, yes, I KNOW that they have issues, but guys... it's still Star Wars, you know? It's still the story, the back story actually, the world, the beginning, the end, the everything. I maintain that if you are a real fan, you can look past the flaws of that second trilogy and still enjoy them. I've never been able to articulate this well, and always get a little squirmy and flustered when the subject comes up but I read an article the other day that did an amazing job that made me want to stand and cheer. This is how I feel about it. Exactly!

And I'm a little worried that people will do the same thing to these movies. Expect too much. Or feel cheated somehow. Or something won't be just exactly right. I really hope that's not the case and I really hope people just enjoy it and be happy we have more!

Yay for Star Wars!!

And that concludes my Star Wars thoughts of the day. Back to your regularly scheduled stuff... what ever that is.

But first, I'd love to know what you think. Do I made sense to anyone? Anyone at all?


  1. "I maintain that if you are a real fan, you can look past the flaws of that second trilogy and still enjoy them."


  2. I wasn't a big fan of the second trilogy, but I did love getting to know the back story. I mean really, who doesn't want to know why Anakin went to the dark side??? I remember standing in line to see the first movie back when I was in high school! I couldn't wait for the next to come out, and it would seem like it took forever! But, I don't like crowds, so I won't be one of the first to see this new movie. I get what you're saying about enjoying it with the crowd, laughing, crying, gasping together, and that almost changed my mind about waiting! hehe! I do love Star Wars!

    1. Candy: I forgot to say in my post that I remember as a teen when the prequel trilogy was being speculated about. The idea that we'd get a back story blew me away. I couldn't wait!

  3. I'm one of those people who don't get the whole opening night thing. Maybe because I've never done it?? I like Star Wars, but I'm not obsessed with it, so I'll probably see the new movie at some point. No rush for me, though. I'm glad true fans are so excited, though. My DH says the trailer gave him goosebumps!

  4. I don't do the opening night thing, but I can see the appeal. With Star Wars, I think I'm going to wait and hear how it is before I go see it. I'm too worried it's going to be disappointing to go into it blind!

  5. My boys were hitting the computers immediately as soon as tickets could be ordered, talking to make sure they didn't double order, and managed to get into the first showing at the IMAX. They are so stoked. They have loved the movies all of their lives. I have always loved the first three but I'm an "I'll see it when I see it" person. It does make me happy that they love something that we enjoyed when we were young!



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