Friday, October 23, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E2: JSS (Spoilers!)

Of course, with the way things ended last week, we thought we'd be dealing with all the walkers converging on Alexandria. We thought we'd see everyone fighting them off, we thought we'd see Rick and company figuring out how to lure them back away.

We thought wrong.

Instead, we went back in time just a bit to see what those who were left behind were up to while the others went on the "mission" to lure the walkers down the road. (The mission, as you remember, was supposed to be a dress rehearsal, but turned into the real thing. So the people left behind felt like everyone was in no peril... since it was just a practice run. Little did they know.)

Anyway, life seemed calm and normal back at home. Carol was making... something, put it in the oven and set the timer. She had a little exchange with the other women about cooking and not smoking and such. Carl has a little sad moment when he sees his girl hugging someone else.

Oh.. speaking of his girl.. Enid...the whole episode started out with her back story and we got to see how her parents were taken by walkers, how she survived for weeks alone, and how she stumbled upon Alexandria and was taken in. All along the way she traced the letters "JSS" everywhere. We had no idea what it meant.
Enid, surviving all alone

So everything seemed calm. But then, Carol is watching out her window as that smoking lady lights up. And then, out of the blue, the smoking lady is attacked! And killed! By someone NOT A WALKER!

A "normal" person with a W on his head! The Wolves have arrived! These guys are TEN TIMES WORSE than any walker! It's amazing how this show portrays the evil that comes to people when they are trying to survive. It's scary amazing.

And then, wow. The rest of that episode was INTENSE! Everyone running everywhere. Hiding. Finding weapons. Enid holed up with Carl to help with Judith. Jessie is in the middle of trying to cut her kid's hair when the bad guys come into her house. They hide in the closet. But then she runs out to protect her other kid (the older one who was hugging Enid earlier) and she attacks the Wolf with her scissors. And wow. It's a close your eyes kind of scene.

Jesse uses her scissors!

Then Carol dresses up like a Wolf, W on her head and everything, and she goes out there and just starts slaughtering them all (the Wolves that is.) She is ruthless and awesome.

Carol in disguise

Meanwhile, Morgan appears, the first one from the other group to get there and he helps out ... sort of. Still scared to kill anyone. But he faces them all in his double stick bashing way and it's awesome... though by now, all we want is for him to lay them down! For good!

Morgan and his stick

I can't remember who was driving the truck outside the wall, but someone was and he crashed and he died, falling dead right on the horn.

THE HORN GUYS!!! And now we know where the horn sound is coming from!

Deanna ends up hunkering down in that trunk with her last remaining son, and she is just cowering in fear and despair.

Meanwhile, Carol kills all the Wolves, the ones that Morgan doesn't scare off.

In the end, Enid leaves (where the HECK is she going?) and doesn't say goodbye to Carl, but leaves him a note instead:

Just survive somehow. 

And now we know what JSS stands for. And then the timer went off, and Carl took the stuff, whatever it was, out of the oven for Carol.

The End. Whew.

But... the walkers are still coming....


  1. Yeah, it was a crazy episode. I'm excited to see what happens on Sunday. And, I know we haven't see the last of the wolves.

  2. Oh my gosh that scene with the first Wolf attack... Nephew about died laughing at me and my freak out. Can I just say how much I love Carol in all her Bad-A ness!!!! Yes she sometimes scares me, but that chica is smart and fast thinking, and gets it done! AND I also love Morgan, I hope he doesn't leave just because he doesn't approve of them killing the Wolves... (which really I totally approve of killing them, they are NOT good people in any way). And I loved the ending of Carl taking the casserole out of the oven, like this was just a normal day for them, and just a day's work. Crazy, but I love it.

    1. Megs: I makes you wonder if Carol has that sort of personality, why she was in the situation she was in at the beginning of the series, you know?

  3. I have really enjoyed and appreciated Carol's character development in this show. She is so complicated, crying for telling that woman to go outside and smoke, but that is how she got killed. There is so much more to her than meets the eye!



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