Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I've Recently Added to My Collection

So... in an effort to reconnect with the blogging world and attempt to keep this thing going, how about I give the Top Ten Tuesday thing a try again. Wow, it feels like a blast from the past to even say that!

This week's topic:

Top Ten Most Recent Additions to My Book Collection

I was realizing that we didn't get many books for Christmas this year. But each of us (there's three in the household at the moment) got one.. and they were all memoirs. Interesting.

My husband loves Julie Andrews, so it only made sense that he ended up with this book. I think he's actually even started it! I wonder how it's going. Once he's done, I plan to see what I think. I'm sure it will be quite interesting.

My son gave me this book, not that I'm a huge Will Smith fan, but he thought it looked interesting and figured I'd think the same. I do like Will Smith and I'm sure he has a fascinating story, so I look forward to getting into this one at some point. 

My daughter got this one because I'd heard a lot of great things about it and it's on a topic that we all find fascinating around here. I for sure plan to read this one soon too. 

Before that I can't remember what new books we've acquired! So this will be a top three today! Way to start me re-entry into the community! LOL!

Have you read any of these? Were they awesome? Do you recommend?

If you want to participate in Top Ten Tuesday, be sure to head over to ThatArtsyReaderGirl's blog and join the fun!


  1. SUEY!! I'm so excited to see you here! I also like Julie Andrews, so I'll probably read her memoir at some point, too.

    Happy TTT!

  2. Woot woot! I'm glad you're trying to reconnect! Give it some time. It may take a couple of days.

    That's interesting that Stuart likes Julie Andrews. Corey does too, lol. I do too. I just thought it's interesting that both our husbands like her. :D

  3. Home Work was good. I hope Stuey likes it.



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