Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Kdrama Review: 100 Days My Prince

Drama: 100 Days My Prince

Genre: Historical

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This is a little older drama (only a few years though) that I've heard so much about and have had on my list forever to watch and just now finally got to it. So glad I did! It's so good!

This one is about our crown prince... he's kind of mean-ish and ornery and not so very pleasant... but mostly because he is sick of trying to stay alive and keeping his spot to inherit the throne. He really really hates his wife who he refuses to be with and she is um... oops.. pregnant not by him of course, but she needs to make him think he is. Ha. 

So one day, he is on his way somewhere and is attacked and left for dead. Only he's not dead, but discovered by a local village dude who rescues and saves him. When he wakes up, he can't remember who he is, but still has some of his princely mannerisms. Which is  hilarious now that he is living with this dude and his family as a poor villager. 

And then he falls in love with his daughter. Oops again! And as time goes by, he gets more and more comfortable as a poor villager and quite takes to this life style. In fact, he is actually posing as her fiancĂ©/husband since the prince (yes it was HIM) declared everyone had to get married. Anyway, he starts to come out of his soberness and starts opening up and smiling more. It's awesome. 

But then the palace people find him and he starts to get his memories back and now has to go back and be the prince again. After a nice sweet 100 days of "freedom."

However, he's still in love with the girl. So... what to do? Yeah. Big problem. And the girl, who has been separated from her brother since a rebellion event years ago, finds her brother and learns that the brother is working for the bad palace people. Another big problem. And he is also... well.... never mind... SPOILER!

Anyway. It's just fantastic as these historical dramas tend to be. I love them. 

Our crown prince is played by D.O. from EXO and he is the main reason everyone should watch this drama. His acting is spot on. He's fantastic! (How many times do you think I can say fantastic and SO GOOD in one review? A lot apparently.) Our girl is great too and a favorite from another drama I loved called Shopping King Louis. 

This trailer makes it looks pretty silly and funny, which it is, but there are plenty of serious and dramatic moments too for sure:

And a beautiful song sung by Chen aka. another member of EXO. 

And if you happen to be interested when I fell in love with D.O...it was when I discovered this song... a song he sung for a completely different drama years ago... the power of this song though.... WAH!


  1. Suey!! I really like that last song. Are all his songs like that?

    1. Oh KAMI!!! Don't get me excited thinking you might like D.O!!! WAH!! Some are like this yes, and some are more upbeat. He only has a few solo things, he mostly sings with his group. But he did release a solo album just awhile back after coming home from his military service. Here's a link to the title track called Rose: https://youtu.be/_btxV8tJM7w . I'm sure he's done a bunch of other songs from dramas too.



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