Sunday, December 6, 2020

Reading Recap November 2020


I need a new mask....

Well, I thought I was reading a lot this month, but I still only got through two books. Sigh. 

Layoverland by Gabby Noone: What happens if when you die you end up in a layover on your way to where ever you've been assigned? Because you have unresolved issues to work out first. 

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern: A beautifully lyrical story about layers of worlds underneath the world we know.

Favorite: By far my favorite was The Starless Sea. I just really enjoy the storytelling and writing with this author!

Plans for December:

  • Read Daisy Jones and the Six for book club
  • Get to the ARCs I still need to read!
  • Continue to the Beehive long list reading!
  • See if I can make my Goodreads goal? I think I'll probably miss this by only a couple books. Sigh.

How's everyone else doing? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one reading these days, even the little bit I'm doing. Even book club isn't reading any more really. Man I miss the comradery that we used to have in the book blogging world. Where is everyone? I need to find you all again!


  1. I'm still here! Starless Sea sounds lovely, except that for some reason I just often don't 'get' magical realism. Might give this one a try, though. (My husband and I recently took a break from K-dramas- so much subtitle-reading late at night can make me loose focus!- and are watching Queen's Gambit but I think next we will try Flower of Evil- have you seen that one?)

    1. We are watching Queen's Gambit too! Just one episode left. I haven't seen Flower of Evil but it's on my list... because Lee Joon Gi... WAH! I've heard great things about it...and I've added one of its songs to my favorite songs from drama video that I've just uploaded.

      The magic realism of Starless Sea is pretty crazy, but in a beautiful way. I kinda loved it. :)

    2. I thought the ending was particularly good- we finished QG last night. kinda surprising how much I liked the show as I don't play chess myself!



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