Saturday, December 12, 2020

Kdrama Review: More Than Friends

 Drama: More Than Friends

Genre: Romance

Starring: Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun, Kim Dong Jun, P.O

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

This is a drama about a group of friends all struggling with their relationship statuses. One girl has been with her boyfriend for ten years and he's ready to get married, but she doesn't really want to, especially after her mom gets sick. One girl hasn't really been in a relationship and she thinks no one likes her, but then a dude likes her and she is all happy until.. well... stuff happens. And the guy who really likes her has been just right there all along. 

And then our main girl, she has loved the guy from high school all these ten years, but he told her he only thinks of her as a friend... which makes her sad, so she jumps in and out of relationships like crazy. Then one day the guy appears on the scene again, and she is fighting not to like him all over again. And this time it's a bit different, because he actually likes her too he's decided.

And there's a really cute second male lead CEO who is falls for our main girl and is going to treat her so good! But she is still pining for the other guy... the one who is all... yeah... we're just friends. Except he is, like I said, also now confused on that issue.

Anyway, it was cute sometimes, but mostly the back and forthing and wishy washy-ness of all these characters sort of made me crazy. About the middle I was just like... GUYS figure this out already! AH!! 

The story that made me most crazy was the girl who wouldn't get married. Her dude was THE BEST GUY ever... and she just blows him off because... "I'm struggling and I don't want to bring you into my struggles." Ugh. 

Anyway, when our main guy starts to come around, then all his cuteness comes out (because I watched this drama for his cuteness which I am familiar with from other places). But wow, when he is ornery, he can really be ornery too!

Also P.O from Block B played the friend who wants to be more than friends with the second girl... and he is absolutely adorable, as expected. Love him so much!

So bottom line, this one was fun and good but just really okay. Not one that blew me away or anything like dramas usually tend to do!

Here's a trailer (well several trailers in one actually):

And here's the really nice song sung by our lead dude himself (Ong Seong Wu) since he's an amazing singer... and this song ended up on my favorite drama songs of the year. 

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