Sunday, November 22, 2020

Book Review: Layoverland by Gabby Noone

 Book: Layoverland by Gabby Noone

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating:  ★ ★ 

This one has the fun premise that what happens if you die, and end up in a layover situation where you have to solve some of your issues before you can go on to... wherever you've been assigned... heaven or hell. 

Our girl has this very thing happen to her! She is killed in a car accident in the opening pages of the book, and ends up in what appears to be a very run down, drab, slow, monotonous airport/hotel place. She quickly learns this is Layoverland, and she has been assigned the job to help people go through their memories to figure why they are stuck in in Layoverland. She gets trained by a fun crazy girl (who died in the 80s) who is excited to be finally done with her quota so she can move on. Now it's our girl's turn to get her quota accomplished.

It's very fun and witty for the most part, but in other parts it flipped to be a bit on the agenda-y side. At the moment, I can't even remember what those bits were, but I do remember being pulled out of the story a little. You know what I mean, yes?

But I did enjoy the funny moments and the quirkiness of the characters and the idea of trying to figure out what bugged you in your life so you can deal with it and move on. 

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