Sunday, July 12, 2020

Book Review: Rhythm of Love (An Idol in Love 3) by Trish Milburn

Book: Rhythm of Love (An Idol in Love 3) by Trish Milburn
Genre: kpop romance
Rating: ★ ★ ★

This whole series starts in book 1 when a biographer comes to live with the group and write their story. That's all because this particular member of the group, Remi, read her previous books and thought she would be perfect for the job. So everything is thanks to him! When she finishes the book, she has him write an introduction blurb. So when the book actually comes out, she invites to tag along to the signings.

Which is all to say this book opens at one of their signings and all the chaos that ensues because Remi, famous idol, is part of the event! Poor Remi. And the poor manager of the book store who has to deal with it all. She is not a really a fan of kpop and just thinks all the hubbub is crazy. But she thinks this particular dude is pretty nice, for an idol. And he thinks this manager is pretty cute and also oddly strong for such tiny little thing.

He is intrigued. She is intrigued. And from there, they suddenly seem to end up in the same place at the same time a lot. But ah, Remi doesn't want to just follow in the shoes of his two buddies who have already fallen in love. So what's he to do?


It's about now that this group is seeing a pattern. And they have decided to embrace whatever is happening in their lives and make songs and an album featuring finding love. And try to send a message to their fans that this is normal for dudes in their mid-twenties, and that it's okay for them to fall in love. And fans can still be fans, even if their idols are in love with a real life person.

Good luck with that boys! It will be fun to see how this goes down! (And I love that Trish is addressing this real life problem in the kpop fandom.)

So, after having my thoughts last book confirmed regarding who I pictured in the starring role, I tried to think who I would picture as Remi. There are several bookish kpop boys, but the one that came to mind is Jinyoung from Got7. I have yet to confirm with Trish if I was right or not this time around. But even so, this is who I envisioned as Remi!

I have yet to figure out who I would picture as Hajoon from the first book. A cool rapper that much is certain. I'm still pondering...

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