Friday, June 7, 2019

Kdrama Review: Her Private Life

Drama: Her Private Life
Genre: romantic comedy
Starring: Kim Jae Wook, Park Min Young, Jung Je Won
Rating:❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

A very fun premise about a career girl who is still, even in her VERY OLD 30s!!!, fangirling over the dreaded KPOP IDOL GROUPS! GASP!

So she is in love with a particular group (a fictional group played by the real life IN2IT that I, um, love. Yes.) and especially in love with a particular member of that group...also fictional (meaning not part of IN2IT) and played by the lovely rapper One (aka. Jung Je Won).

Turns out she is SO into this group and this idol that she is actually the masternim of one of his most popular fansites.. .and so she dresses up in black with her big camera and "stalks" him at all his events and appearances, taking amazing pictures and posting them to her site and then moderating the group chats and forums, etc.

By day she is an art curator at an art museum. And one day when she is out trying to buy some paintings, she runs into a dude named Ryan Gold and they fight over the same painting. He wants it because he is drawn to from his memories, she wants it because her idol has just posted that he loves this artist. :)

And then suddenly this Ryan Gold, from America (but yes Korean) ends up as the director of their museum. And they don't hit it off very well.

But THEN... he wants to do an exhibit highlighting these paintings he loves, and he learns that the idol has the biggest collection of them, so he is going to commission him to be part of the exhibition. And takes our fangirling girl with him. To the IDOL'S HOUSE! And she freaks out and there is a mishap and now everyone thinks wrong things and to cover it up she and Ryan Gold now have to pretend they are dating... to throw the spotlight off SiAn (the idol).


And THEN, they suddenly realize they are actually extremely attracted to each other......

And it's a fabulous love story from there and I loved it! It's just so much fun! And these characters are the best. Loved loved loved.

HOWEVER, I'm still a bit sad at how the fangirling is portrayed. And how the fans of the idol are portrayed. And yeah. The stereotyping is just really frustrating and annoying. The idea that one should hide it, that's somehow embarrassing to love and idol group. Yeah, all the same old same old.

But our lovely main dude character, played by the beautiful Kim Jae Wook ,  is very accepting of this part of her life. (Because spoiler, you know he figures it out....) And THAT is shown beautifully.

He's perfect for this part.

Anyway. It's a fun one!! Park Min Young gets ALL THE GOOD ONES! And she gets all the awesome kissing dramas! (This is one of the best kissing dramas I've seen so far, in case you wondered.) What is UP with that???

A fun trailer with an interview and bloppers:

The song:

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