Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Year End Number Crunch

Here is my reading by the numbers. Also a little about the kdrama and youtubing too. 


Total pages: 12,777
Total Re-reads: 1

Men: 9
Women: 33

ARCS for Review: 1
Supporting Utah Authors: 8
Book Club: 5
Read Alongs: 2
Beehive Award Long List: 5
AML Middle Grade Awards: 5

Library: 14
On my Kindle: 3
Bought/Owned: 22
Borrowed: 2
Audio: 1

YA: 23
Adult: 9
Middle Grade: 8
Picture Book Fairy Tales: 2

From the YA Category:
Contemporary Realistic Fiction: 12
Fantasy: 6
Science Fiction:3
Historical Fiction: 1
Non-Fiction Memoir: 1

From the MG Category:
Contemporary Realistic Fiction: 6
Fantasy: 2

From the Adult Category:
Romance: 3 
Science Fiction Short Story: 1
Literary Fiction: 5

Star Ratings:
5 stars: 8
4 stars: 21
3 stars: 11
2 stars: 1
1 star: 1


  • My reading numbers were quite a bit better than last year. I reached my Goodreads goal of 40. For next year I have upped it again to 50. 
  • I still mourn the passing of classics from my reading.
  • Also fantasy. But I did manage a bit of that again this year!
  • I was happy to read an ARC again! That was like a blast from the past...
  • I think I gave my first 1 star review. Y'all should be proud.
  • I feel like I read more on the Kindle, but that's how the numbers shook out! Maybe I can do better and make better use of that device this next year.
  • I love reading for award long lists! I read some awesome MGs this year because of that.
  • Happy that Utah authors make a pretty good appearance on my list. 
  • I have lots of things I want to read, so I will not be dropping the habit anytime soon.


Total Kdramas consumed: 22
5 hearts: 8
4 hearts: 11
3 hearts: 3

Total Videos Uploaded on The Kpop Konverters: 828 (up from 501 last year)
Total Uploaded in 2018:  273 (down from 339)
Almost 2,000,000 views: 1 
Over 100,000 views:  12 (up from 8)
50,000 to 100,000 views: 14 (up from 6)
10,000 to 50,000 views: 91 (up from 58)
5,000 to 10,000 views:  60 (up from 37)

Subscribers at year end: 22,632 (up from 14,518 last year) 
View count at year end: 8,729,763 (up from 4,521,990 last year)


  • It's very fun to see the growth of the channel by comparing these numbers. I'm worried about what will happen this year. Here's hoping we don't see a huge drop in the numbers by this time next year!
  • Good thing we have that one popular video that is about to 2 million views! This is what is sustaining our channel right now! If only we could think up another video that would be so popular!


  1. No classics? they can be tough. I think I only read one this whole year. Which book got your one-star review? I don't dish those out as often anymore because I'm more likely to just abandon a book if it's that bad (or not a good fit for me). My balance of library/owned reading is about the same as yours! And you have allllmost convinced me to try watching a Kdrama- but I think my husband will be skeptical at first. Of possibility he might enjoy it.

    1. I gave a one start to A Totally Awkward Love Story. It was not good.

  2. Good job! I thought you read all the book club books. Ha! I don't even know how many I read, but it probably similar to your number.

    1. I was surprised that number was so low too! I didn't do any re-reads for book club. And then I think I missed a couple others, like And Then There Were None! :)



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