Thursday, June 28, 2018

K drama Review: Tempted

Drama: Tempted
Genre: Drama
Starring: Woo Do Hwan, Joy, Moon Ga Young, Kim Min Jae
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I wanted to watch this one because it starred a guy I hadn't seen anything from yet, but have heard so much about. Also, it has Joy from Red Velvet which, I guess she is okay, but not my favorite. One of the side characters is a favorite too, and so I watched! Also, the clips and teasers were... TEMPTING! Ha.

But this was a sad drama. So sad. Because our four main kids... just graduated from high school, all come from really messed families. And seeing them deal with the crap their parents and families dish out... ah, it's frustrating! But three of them together (the two guys and one girl) make their own little safe place and while they have issues too (they are so very naughty and mean) they seem to be surviving with the help of each other. 

Then something happens, and everything gets shaken up. The girl gets dumped by a dude and it makes her so mad that she wants revenge. She learns who his "first love" is (she thinks) and so she is out to make this girl's life miserable. (Not sure what fault she has in anything, but yeah.) And to do that she dares one of the guys to make her fall for him and then break her heart.

See, mean kids!

Well, of course, he sets out to do this and then falls in love with her for reals. But she is very leery of him, because she can tell something is up. So she is good and cautious.

Meanwhile, we find out what's going down with the parents and all their stories are mixed up with each others. And the kids star finding out stuff and it makes them start to lose it.

So between that and the whole falling in love when they aren't supposed to.. their safe haven gets shaken up. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed the romance part, even though there wasn't as much of it as the clips and teasers made me expect! The dude was as awesome as expected though. Dang boy. The other parts were frustrating and just made me crazy. However, I was pretty hooked as you well know.

Here's a trailer (two teasers back to back): 

And the lovely romantic song by my favorite from SEVENTEEN... DK! Way to go boy! Ah I love his voice!!


  1. Still trying to wrap my head around her revenge plan. Doesn’t make sense. Oh well. I’m glad you liked it.

  2. You just need to watch Save Me to get the Woo Do Hwan experience... though not romantic in any fashion you end up falling in love with him anyway... sigh... Woo Do Hwan...



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