Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Musical Review: Hamilton

Finally finally finally we saw Hamilton and now know what the fuss is all about.

I've tried to listen to the music before seeing the musical, but haven't been drawn to it at all. The phenomenon of everyone in the world pretty much going crazy over this musical has been baffling. Because I knew it was rap and most people don't really like rap, so what the heck.

Anyway. It finally came to our city and was part of our season ticket package so we didn't even have to go through the pain that was ticket buying for lots of people (yeah, but believe me I know the pain) and we had the hottest tickets in town. It was a little painful knowing how much we could get for our tickets (like five times their worth) but we hung on to them anyway and went!

Walking to our seats. If you watch to the end my mom is about to complain about our close seats
... because we have ZERO leg room. LOL. I guess you get front row or leg room... one or the other!

The energy in the crowd before it started was intense. Like I've never before felt that at a regular old music. (I feel it at concerts without fail, but musicals? Not so much.) So that got me pumped from the get go.

And then when, who is that first comes out? Aaron Burr? When he comes out and starts belting out that song, the crowd went wild. It was nearly like a concert actually. And so of course, I loved it.

I'm glad to have been more... shall we say... inclined to like rap these past years, else I'm not sure if I would have truly loved this stuff... but now, you would have seen my head bopping and foot tapping and grinning from ear to ear. My parents on the other hand... they didn't understand a word!

Yes, it was a bit hard to understand everything and now I need to listen to it with lyrics in front of me. But I caught a lot and totally enjoyed it all. The energy of the show was amazing and it's the kind of stuff I feed off of. My mom's comment afterward... "I'm exhausted!" It was a good kind of exhaustion.

Everyone in the cast was great. I loved that George Washington was Asian.. lol. And it was fun to leave the place with many songs stuck on my head. My favorite though, is The Room Where It Happens.

Anyway. We loved it. Not sure we are OVER THE TOP about it like so many people, but so happy to have finally experienced it.

Have you seen it? What are your thoughts? Why do you think everyone is crazy over this musical, even though it's mostly rap... a genre that is not generally loved?


  1. I haven't seen Hamilton and really don't have that strong of a desire. I've never listened to the music either. I feel like my reaction would probably be the same as yours -- like it, don't love it. I feel the same way about The Greatest Showman. Maybe it's just all the crazy hype that turns me off? I don't know.

    Anyway, I'm glad you were able to see and enjoy it. Sounds like it was a fun experience!

  2. I still don’t quite get it but maybe it’s because I haven’t seen it.

  3. I haven't seen Hamilton but I have listened to the cast recording more times than I count, I remember being especially into two years ago when it was still very new and everyone was super into it. I'm not a fan of rap music either but I feel like this music in this show is very different from the rap music you hear on the radio and there's a bunch of other types of music mixed in as well and the word choices for the songs are very different than most rap music for fairly obvious reasons. I think part of the reason the musical is popular is because it tells a story that we're all at least a bit familiar with and makes it feel new again as well as emotional investing in a way that history class never could.

    The Room Where It Happens is one of my favorite songs in the show as well, some of my other favorites include Burn, Satisfied and Wait For It. While this show isn't my favorite musical I understand why it's so well loved.

  4. I haven't seen or it listened to the music. I don't like rap, so I don't think I'd like it.



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