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Kdrama Review: While You Were Sleeping

Drama: While You Were Sleeping

Genre: Romantic suspense with a touch of fantasy elements
Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Suzy Bae
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Yeah, I know you are thinking this name sounds awfully familiar!  But it has nothing to do with that movie you all know. In this story, our characters keep having dreams about all the other characters. Bad stuff (usually) that's going to happen to them. And then they have to figure out how to make the bad stuff not happen. Which is pretty tricky sometimes!

So our main guy moves in next door to our main girl. He tries to be nice at first, but she throws him off. And so he's all whatever. But then their paths cross again and then SHE decides, oh, he's not so bad after all and suddenly, she's not leaving him alone and he's all... dang, why is she always in my face!

So one day a thing happens that brings together several of our characters, the main ones and the secondary. And this sets into motion some events that over the course of the year makes life for our main girl really really bad. And it seems like the drama is going to end before it gets started.

But suddenly, our main guy is right there in HER face now and getting all mixed up in her business. But we learn that he is trying to make the above bad things not happen.

Oh my word this is making NO SENSE AT ALL is it??? AH!!!

Our guy is a brand new prosecuting attorney and over the course of the drama, we get involved in all the cases he is solving. Some of them had me screaming (literally out loud) in suspense and trauma. All of it ties together in the end. There are some great villains in this drama that have you totally squirming and on the edge of your seat. The secondary characters are perfectly quirky too and the second male lead, AS ALWAYS, is swoon worthy in his own right. Sigh. Always.

Suzy and Jong Suk
Jung Hae In plays the 2nd male lead... aka the cop that loves our main girl.

But mostly I loved the romance of course. Led by one of my most favorite of all time (I fear I say that every review, don't I... well... yeah...) leading guys. This guy is just... so... CUTE!! And great acting and... all of it. I just don't know how to say it all again. He's great. Really really great.

The end is pretty crazy, but the very very end had me let down just a touch. You know I just wanted a little more... something. I don't know what. But still, I loved this one.

And so one of our (sort of ) Super Junior boys, Henry, sings one of the main songs in this drama, and it's all English, so maybe you'll love it. It is one of the most romantic things ever. Gives me chills. Here it is set to some of the lovely, but not too spoilery, clips:

And there's a gazillion trailers for this one. Here's one of them:


  1. No. You were making sense. I think this one has a cool sounding premise. Glad you mostly enjoyed it.

  2. I really admire your dedication to not giving away the major first episode spoiler in your review because I didn't know how to talk about the show as a whole without spoiling the first episode so I just went ahead and spoiled the first episode because I figured if it happened in the first episode it's not all that big of a deal if you spoil it in your review of the entire series but still like that you decided to spoil pretty much nothing about the show.

    I really loved Hong joo(Suzy)and Jae chan(Lee Jong suk) and I liked how both their relationship and their characters developed. I really liked how Hong joo assumed right away that Jae chan was in love with her based off of very little evidence and asked him "Since when have you fallen for me?" and he is just so confused as to why she thinks that and then he tries to avoid her for the first half of the series but of course he starts to fall for her after she promises to not be disappointed by him even if he fails. There's honestly so many sweet moments between these to like when he gives her the courage to go back to work when he holds her hand and promises to walk her to work everyday and then she uses his tie to wipe her tears and then later on even offers her his tie when she crying, I also like when she followed him onto to the bus to make sure that he wasn't late for work and how she used her hand to keep the sun out of his eyes. Then there's of course the parallel timeline rain kisses in warm and cool lightening that is beautiful is so many different ways.

    While I did find myself invested in the cases and thought that the logic that was used in the cases where pretty sound I didn't feel like they always meshed as well with character growth as the could have. I thought that the villains in this drama was okay but I don't think any of them made enough of an impression on me to be put on a best villains of kdrama list which is a bit disappointing since I would put the Villain from I Hear Your Voice on there and I probably would've put In ha's mom from Pinocchio on there and those series are by the same writer as this one.

    Since Lee Jong Suk is my absolute favorite Korean actor I'm also happy to hear fellow fans talk about how talented and swoon worthy he is. I think that his character in this series is my favorite character that I've seen him play although I don't think this series was his most impressive acting that I've seen out of him, don't get me wrong he was great through out the series he just didn't get a lot of impressive dramatic moments in this series like he has in others.

    I actually really loved the last couple episodes of the series but I think that the reason that you felt something was lacking in the ending is because there actually isn't one overarching plot for the series rather there are smaller plots that last a few episodes, themes, characters and relationship developments which make for an enjoyable show but not one that leaves you with a feeling that something epic just happened. I also really love the song It's You but to be honest I love the whole soundtrack for this show it's one of my favorite Kdrama soundtracks although Dream High still is my favorite.

    1. Lilly: I finally found you! I know I've clicked on your name before and there was no blog to go to! But I've found you and will be following your reviews now too! Lee Jong Suk is your very favorite? AH!! I cant really pick a favorite! I have a top five.. him, Lee Minho, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hyung Sik and...Kim Woobin maybe... who I miss LIKE CRAZY! Anyway, yes. Jong Suk is so so swoony!!! So much... I love the faces he makes. I do agree that maybe he had more acting awesomeness in Pinocchio maybe... I'm dying to watch I Hear Your Voice from all the things you say about it. I need to bump it up! And agreed, this soundtrack for this one is all good. I need to watch Dream High too! Aren't a ton of idols in that one? Someone is anyway. I forget who. Anyway. Thanks again for commenting and for all your awesome thoughts. :)

    2. I'm so happy to hear that you'll be following my reviews because I always love sharing my thoughts on series I just watched so I'm glad that you'll be seeing them from now on. There's something about Lee Jong suk's acting that speaks to me so much more than the other Kdrama actors I've seen so far I'm not sure if it's because of how I loved I Hear Your Voice as a whole or if it's just the dedication and intensity that he brings to each role that grips me so much. That being said I'm fans of all the actors that make your top five list. Lee Min ho I think is better at rom-com than melodrama but I think he's capable of really good dramatic performances like the one in City Hunter, Ji Chang wook was great in both Healer and Suspicious Partner, Park Hyung sik is so charming and swoonworthy yet shows he's capable of displaying vulnerability in more dramatic moment in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and Kim Woo bin I actually think is just as talented as Lee Jung suk. Kim Woo bin was really good in both School 2013 and White Christmas so if your looking for more dramas with him I'd suggest checking them out.

      I'm really glad that I've got you so excited about watching I Hear Your Voice because it's my absolute favorite drama but I'm also a little worried I built it up a little too much because I love the series so much. Dream High does have quite a few Idols and it's written by the same writer of this series, Pinocchio and I Hear Your Voice, it stars Suzy, Taecyeon and Wooyoung from 2PM, Hahm Eung jung and IU and as the only actor-actor of the main cast Kim Soo-hyun, I think there's more idols in the supporting cast but I'm not all that familiar with Idols so I'm kind of the wrong person to ask about how many idols are in the series but I'm pretty sure almost everyone's an idol in this series.



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