Friday, July 7, 2017

This Week in Kpop: Kpop News and Highlights July 1- 7, 2017

Guys, so much happened in the kpop world this week. I feel the need to share and maybe vent a little even.

First, BTS ended their months long world tour and said they were off to "rest." Well, so, the VERY NEXT DAY they uploaded a cover song, and revealed a new logo and even want us English speaking fans to call them by a new name. WHAT? Ah, these guys never let us breathe!

We reacted to the new song here. It was a bit of a depressing one to me:

And here's the new logo and name. Maybe we'll understand more about what's behind this as time goes by:

 And now they are talking about a comeback. I find that term funny when they've not gone anywhere really and having been feeding us nonstop all year. Ha. Comeback. LOL.

Let's see, yesterday Sungmin, from Super Junior, got on Instagram and announced that due to unhappiness in the fandom about how he handled his marriage three years ago, he had decided to not join the group in their comeback this fall. (Now THIS is a true comeback.. nothing from these guys for two years!) Oh man. This really KILLED me and we (Megs and I) took to Twitter and vented our hearts out. We don't get how a bunch of stupid fans can have such power over these guys. Anyway. we are going to miss him in a big big way.

In other news, we had a pretty impressive giveaway on our channel to celebrate 10,000 subscribers. Today we've had fun with an announcement video... here's the results:

We fell in love with a new group called Day6 because one of their guys is HILLARIOUS on Twitter.  His name is Jae and you can check out his tweets here. And this is one of our favorite songs of theirs. Jae is the blond one in glasses.

KCON in LA is happening Aug. 18-20. We hope to go. Tickets go on sale next week. Groups are being announced and we are DYING at the thought of seeing them:
NCT 127

I can't believe I might actually get to see VIXX now too. First SHINee, then BTS... then Monsta X in a couple of weeks and now maybe VIXX? Seriously. I really might die.  I will do a more detailed VIXX post later, but first, watch this to meet them:

 Okay. What else happened. This isn't kpop but kdrama, but guess who's getting married? The two costars of Descendants of the Sun. (read my review here.) I love it when costars fall in love! And then.. they are actually getting married! It's the best thing ever! They are so freaking cute!

Um.... oh yeah! Up10tion went to KCON NY and SLAYED it! They are such a newbie group that it was their first time traveling out of Asia and they got to come to NY and perform at KCON and everyone fell in love with them! We knew they would. We had already fallen, but now, everyone else knows about their awesomeness. Here's their new song that we absolutely love:

Sadly, they too had to have their comeback without one of their members who is taking a mental health leave. Yeah he was harassed by "fans" too awhile back.  I's insane...

Anyway,  Toto instantly learned their dance and uploaded it too:

Okay, I'm pretty sure more stuff happened, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Ah. Seriously. There is never a dull moment with this fandom.


  1. Wow! Lots going on. How do you keep up with it all?

  2. I just want to punch stupid "fans". Just stop being a fan if you are that unhappy with them! Drip Drop... go my tears.

  3. And now every time Song Joong Ki has another show it won't ever be the same. And how can my only 85er go and leave me like that... I hate marriage! I ruins all the fun!

  4. Why are fans mad at how Sungmin handled his marriage? Did he cheat? Did he divorce his wife for a stupid reason? What could've possibly happened for them to be unhappy? That is just stupid.



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