Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kdrama Review: My Shy Boss

Drama: My Shy Boss
Genre: Romantic comedy/drama
Starring: Yeon Woo Jin, Park Hye Soo
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I'm getting behind in the reviewing of the drama watching. And now I can't hardly remember what happened in this one!

I started watching this one because it looked so cute. And lighthearted and fluffy, but then the opening shot is of a girl jumping off a building and committing suicide. So scratch the whole lighthearted bit!

Turns out this suicide, which happened three years before the events of the drama itself, shaped the future of several of our characters and all those characters come together as the drama unfolds. 

We have the Shy Boss, a very introverted dude who is the boss of this PR company and he does stuff behind the scenes, but his foster brother is the one who is the face of the company and does all the public things. 

And then we have the girl, who's sister was the one who committed suicide and she the sister actually actually happened to be the secretary of the shy boss and so she, our girl, comes to work for the company to get revenge on the boss, since she blames him for what happened.
The shy boss.
He actually reminded me a lot of Ji Chang Wook... maybe because of the hood.
Also because of the smile that transforms him.

Well, of course, we gradually learn what happened and how everything is a really big mess and how it's messed up everyone involved. And of course the whole drama is everyone figuring out this mess and overcoming.

So, not lighthearted at all. And yet.. the interaction between the boss and the girl is really a lot of fun and he is such a good actor and does this shy dude so well that you totally believe it. I loved those parts! I loved seeing his transformation as he learns to get over this problem too. 

And also, it has some of the best kissing on any drama I've watched so far. Wow. Just. Wow.
Shower kisses.

So that's basically it for this one! I totally enjoyed it expected! 

Here's the long but fun trailer:

 And of course the cute song by the cute kpop star (Sanduel from B1A4) set to the cute scenes, because you know this is what it's really all about:



  1. Well, at least you enjoyed it inspite of its more serious tone.

  2. When I saw the picture of Ji Chang Wook, I was like, "HEALER!!!" I plan on watching a lot of these while I'm recovering from my surgeries. I have a list of shows I need to watch. :D

    1. Jenni: What picture? Are you talking about the pictures I have on this post? Cause these are of Yeon Woo Jin, who I think looks a lot like JCW and Healer. Yes?

    2. Yes, he does look a lot like him in his hoodie. So much so in fact that I thought you were showing a picture of JCW to compare and now I realize it's YWJ, lol.

  3. Where do you watch the show? Channel? This one sounds interesting to me, I would like to watch it.

    1. Deanna! Whenever I do these kdrama reviews I have a link to where you can watch it, linked to the title of the drama. This one is on Some of them are on However, this one is new enough that you have to have a premium account to get most of the episodes. :( But you can watch the first two episodes and the rest will probably become free soon!

    2. Thanks Suey. I'm going to try and watch an episode tonight.

    3. Oops, sorry...This is Deanna. I'm using a different device that is not logged into my account. Again, thanks for letting me know where the show is seen.

    4. I watched two episodes of My Shy Boss and liked them. But, last night, I binged watched Marriage Not Dating. Love that show. It seems that I have discovered an entertainment weakness for myself.

    5. Deanna: I'm so glad you liked them! You should try watching one where all the episodes are available! Like... She Was Pretty! Watch that one! :) I've never heard of Marriage Not Dating, but I'm pretty out of the loop with English shows...

    6. Deanna: Wait, is Marriage Not Dating a Korean show? LOL!!!! I haven't heard of it obviously, but according to the comment I just got, it's the same dude...yes?

  4. This show sounds like a good one and I'm glad to hear that because I've heard about this show awhile ago and while the name of the show had my interested, I hadn't heard a ton of positive things about it so I wasn't sure if it was a good show or not. I'm happy that you liked the show and from what you described it sounds like I would enjoy the show as well.

    When I saw the picture of the main guy I thought that the guy looked a lot like the guy who played the male lead in Marriage Not Dating and I looked the actor up and I found out that he was the same guy that played the male lead in that show. I'm currently watching and loving Marriage Not Dating(which is a really fun romcom that I think you would really enjoy) I'm glad to put another drama with the male lead on my to watch list. Since I'm currently watching five dramas right now I think it will be awhile until I get to this one but I do want to watch My Shy Boss one day in the future.

    1. Lilly: It sounds like I really need to put this Marriage Not Dating one on my list! :)



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