Friday, March 31, 2017

Introducing: BTS!

When I did my "Introducing SHINee" post I realized that I talk about BTS a lot, but have never done an introduction post, and so, you know, I had to do one. And since SHINee is over and we are on to BTS, now is the time.
Taehyung (V), Jin, J-hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Rapmon

So, BTS stands for BangTan Sonyeondan, which means Bulletproof Boyscouts in Korean. It's a weird name, I know, but it grows on you and there's all sorts of deep meaning and symbolic-ness to it, but I don't know it all really, so we'll just leave it at that.

They debuted four years ago this June with a song called No More Dream, which you can see here:

They are band that is much heavier in the hip hop and rap stuff then what I'm used to. In fact, it took awhile for them to grow on me because I felt they were so... out there. So... I don't know... trying to be bad boy-ish, or something. Some of the first videos I saw of them were tragic sad disturbing things with a story line that rips out your heart. They were a little too much.

But then when I watched more stuff and became more familiar with their personalities, it all changed and I found them to full of all the good things: substance and fun, smartness and silliness, rappy songs and ballad songs. They had everything.

But the thing that really sets them apart is their amazing dancing. I just really had no idea that people, boys, anyone, could dance like this. It's mind boggling watching them sometimes. Seeing them dance live is going to be a trip.

Anyway, here are the boys:

Namjoon, also known as Rap Monster, is the leader of this group, even though he is not the oldest (usually the oldest is the band leader) and falls right in the middle age-wise. I'm told someone (people from Big Hit? The company that they work for.. maybe?) discovered him and decided to build a group around him. Without him, there would be no BTS. He's a literal genius and has the deepest most profound thoughts probably constantly in his head. He taught himself English by watching TV and when he speaks you can barely detect an accent. He's truly amazing. He's one of the three rappers in BTS, and he's awesome. However, he's always in the back because he's not a very strong dancer. LOL! (Though, that's not saying much given the fact that they as a group are this amazing dance machine!)

Seokjin... known just as Jin, is next up. People call him the visual of the group because he's the "most" handsome, though I don't know how anyone can decide any one of them are more handsome than the others. He does have a killer smile though and he is a hoot. He loves to tell what they call "dad" (aka stupid) jokes and then guffaws a killer laugh afterwards that is the best thing ever. He's a goofball and I love it. Plus, his beautiful singing voice is to die for.

Yoongi, who goes by the stage name of Suga, is up next. He's also a genius and produces much of their songs. His rapping is insane and beautiful and some of the most emotional songs I've ever heard. For me he tends to be the quiet one of the group, and a bit reserved, but then suddenly, he'll turn into this squishy teddy bear. When they were a new group, one year for his birthday he wrote 300 personal notes to his fans and delivered them to everyone at a meet and greet. If you want more on him, we have a whole video dedicated to him.

Hoseok, also known as J-hope is next in. He's also a rapper and he is full of energy and spunk and positive-ness that is out of this world. Everyone calls him the sunshine of the group and that's because he is never not bouncing around and smiling and spreading his "hope" everywhere. Besides rapping, he's also an amazing dancer and choreographs many of their dances.

The above boys are called the "hyungs" or older brothers. The last three are the "maknaes" or the younger brothers. And for some reason, they tend to be my favorite.

Jimin, who... oddly enough, goes by Jimin, is... amazing. I just... I have no words. He dances like it takes absolutely no effort at all and he looks so graceful and beautiful it kills me. And then when he sings, he does those killer high notes that stand out in all their songs and you're just like...ah. Wow. And his personality is all over the place. Sweet and caring and shy and polite. Then savage and sexy the next minute. After Taemin (mentioned in my SHINee post) Jimin is the dancer to watch. Which is why when they did a duet dance awhile back, I went crazy for it.

Taehyung, stage name of V, is next in line. He is the first one I paid attention to in this group, which is why when I'm asked who my favorite is, I will say it's him. He has a personality that will suck you in like no other. Very cute and silly and fun and soft and goofy and... pretty much the complete opposite of the "bad boy" image they sometimes portray. I love it so so much. His contribution to the group his is deep, husky melty voice. Oh my word. The best.

The baby of the group is Jungkook, no stage name, but lovingly called Kookie by the brothers and fans alike. And everything I've mentioned above about all the other boys? Yeah, he can do it ALL. He's brilliant, he raps, dances, sings with the melty voice, is nice on one hand, and savage on the other. Everything. He's like the perfect child. The Golden Maknae as they say. And beware his smile.

Have I gushed enough about them? Can you tell I love them all? They truly are amazing.

The song that made me a fan is Fire, which is one that I bet most of you will love since it's a little more "normal" than that first one I posted above. I've shared this one before, but here it is again.

 And after that we discovered dance practices which shows their dancing and silly personality. Here's one of my favorites of them "practicing" and being silly:

 And just so you can see a softer one, here's one of their newest songs called Spring Day about losing touch with old friends. (I decided to show you a live version instead of the MV so you can see their singing and dancing better.)

Anyway. a tiny overview of an amazing talented group of boys that I can't wait to see TOMORROW!!!


  1. Isn't it funny how when you fall for a group like this you learn all their names and stage personalities and special talents? How these people you didn't even know existed a few years ago have taken over your life? That was me and my soccer boys. I miss them! :( Have tons of fun and take lots of pictures and videos. Can't wait to see your recap of the whole event. Enjoy your vacation too.

  2. I hope you have a lot of fun at their concert! I know it's a dream come true and I hope it's everything you and company want it to be!



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