Friday, December 23, 2016

The Airing of Grievances 2016 Version

So, very many years now I've done an "airing of grievances" blog post as part of the Festivus celebration. I have no idea now where I learned about this tradition, but I look forward to it just as a chance to be especially snarky and overly negative on my blog.

Something that is oddly fun and cathartic.

The other day I thought of all the things I could grieve about. Let's see if I remember any of them now!


  • ...when I'm wide awake when I should be sleeping... and dead asleep when it's time to wake up. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN???
  • ...that people deem some activities worthy and others... not. (For instance, if your hobby is running or hiking, people think that's commendable. If you your hobby is crafting something, people think that's cool. But if it's reading, people think that's boring. If it's youtubing, people think that's downright weird and a waste of time. Did I say I hate this? I hate this.)
  • ...when some people think they are so so nonjudgmental and open minded, and yet, they turn around and judge everyone (meaning, people who think differently than them) just as much as they are accusing the judgey people of judging. 
  • ...getting old. And I hate that getting old means fitting into some sort of stupid mold that old people are supposed to fit into. I really really hate that.
  • ...that I hardly read any books this year.
  • ...that most people seem to have had a terrible bad year and, despite the fact that I suffered (am suffering) a bad reading/blogging slump, I actually had a really fun and unique year. I mean, I like that I had an interesting year but I hate that everyone else (it seems) did not so much.
  • ...that I've gotten way way too fat! Gah. Something has to be done.
  • ...that all my kids have pretty much grown up. I mean, way have kids if they're just going to go and grow up on you? 
  • ...that in a cleaning frenzy the other day I'm pretty sure I threw away something that was definitely not garbage. Why does so much garbage sit around not touched be anyone but then the NOT garbage gets thrown away?
  • ...that I have to go grocery shopping for Christmas food today.  Ugh. 
  • ...that Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and even Facebook all work in a weird way these days that messes with my brain and makes it so I don't see stuff that I want to see. Why people, why? 
  • ... that bad for you things taste good and good for you things taste bad. I think I may have mentioned this hate before. I mention it again because I still hate it.
  • ... that my ipod doesn't work well in the car anymore.
  • ... that I had to give my rental car back after driving it across the country and back.
  • ... speaking of, I hate that my kids took my grandkid and moved across the country. 
  • ... that my laptop is on its last legs.
Hmmm... I'm thinking I could go on and on, but I'll stop there.

What do you hate these days???? Air your grievances with me!!!

And P.S.  Happy Christmas Eve Eve!!


  1. yeah, one of my technological updates for 2017 will be a new ipod. I use mine pretty much everyday and it won't update anymore. I have been putting it off because otherwise it works fine, but it's just annoying me. I am glad 2016 was a good year for you!!

  2. the first one is me too, it's hard to get rest when it takes hours just to get to sleep

    I hate that I can't finish things quick enough, not really something to grief over but don't you wish you could do certain things quicker?

    have a lovely day.

  3. Good list. I like that you air your grievances every year. It's real. :) I hate a lot of these things too. I try not to be judgy, but I know I am regarding certain things. I'm sorry if that's ever been pushed toward you.

  4. I like your list! Although I may be guilty of a few of those things.... I've got some New Years resolutions for sure.
    And it's great that you had a good year. It's easy for me to get stuck thinking about the things that were hard but seeing what went well for other people makes me happy. :)

  5. Ha ha! You know me, I love to complain! The judgey circle of judging, as I like to call it, actually cracks me up. Oh, the irony. I hate that some hobbies are frowned upon too. I mean, come on, binge watching 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls is a huge endeavor. I should be praised!!! ;) Happy Festivus!

  6. I've got to do some emergency Christmas Eve grocery shopping as well. Somehow in the 20 trips I've taken to Safeway this week, I forgot to get more milk. Gah!

    Merry Christmas, Suey!

  7. HA! The worst part about getting old is when you find that at times the mold actually fits!!!

  8. All perfectly good things to hate!



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