Monday, December 19, 2016

Rambly Thoughts

Remember when I used to do random rambly thoughts all the time? Or at least from time to time? Well... I thought I'd give it a try again, and maybe actually get a blog post written.

It's not that I don't want to blog anymore, it's just that when I sit down to actually write a blog, my mind goes blank. Or sort of shuts down. Like it says... you know, you really have nothing to say on this blog anymore. So why try? And then I get instantly tired and overwhelmed.

And then I get up and never write the post.

It makes me sad.

So that's thought number one I suppose.

More thoughts:

* Is it truly almost Christmas? Christmas seems to have changed around here. There's still a frenzy of things to do but it's just different. Only one kid still at home. The others are trying to figure out how to split their time between two families. And it's hard. But I plan to still have fun... even if it's different, you know?

* Reading continues to be a a struggle. I thought I was about 30 books behind in my Goodreads reading goal. We were discussing this at book club and so my ever enabling friends looked it up for me (since I truly have been paying it no attention) and informed me that I was actually about 50 books behind. I'll think I'll be lower my goal for next year!

* We saw the latest Star Wars. I liked it. I will try to review it here with my "deeper" thoughts. But yeah, quite the story, eh?

* On the YouTube front, we got our first true copyright strike! That means we either hit the big time, or are really stupid. Probably the second. Yeah. Those YouTube people don't mess around when it comes to that stuff. Here's hoping we can learn our lesson and follow the rules better! But before we were caught, the video in question doubled our subscribers and was on it's way to 1 million views. No joke. It was exciting but then BAM! They shut it down and took it all away from us! (well, we could keep the subscribers obviously, but they took away our views. It was a very sad day.)

* WE GOT TICKETS TO BTS!!!!!! I know most of you (that is if I still have readers besides Jenni and Jenny!) don't know who they are but just know this... they are BIG TIME popular with a certain set and tickets sold out in minutes and there was much agony and angst involved... but WE GOT THEM! April Fool's Day will see us in California to experience the ride that is Korean hip hop boy band dancer singer rapper dudes. Ah. They are so good. Just believe me when I say this!!!

* All is going well with our Korean exchange student. She has been with us for four months as of yesterday, which also means we are nearly half way done with this experience. That is crazy. Time flies way too fast. And that's really all I want to say about that before I get too sad.

* Anyone have any good ideas on what to get husbands for Christmas?

* Oh, I made it just over a week with Nanowrimo... 18,000 words worth of a really cheesy, but fun story. Here's hoping I will come back to it and finish it. just like I hope to come back to and finish my other two unfinished Nano stories.... sigh.

* Blogger has changed since I was on and blogging. Do you know how weird that is? There's a smiley faced thing up there and everything. Wait what? It does Hangul????   대박 That says awesome by the way. But is way way too hard to use. Nevermind. Not so awesome. Unless I get way better at my Hangul....

Okay. There you go for some of my thoughts. Was it worth a blog post? I'm not too sure!!!


  1. Yay! Rambly thoughts! :) I feel the same way you do with my blog, but I want to figure something out to turn it into to so I don't just shut it down.

    What happens if you have more copyright stuff happen? Will they shut down your channel too if it's too frequent?

    1. Jenni: We have three months... if we get two more strikes during those three months, they will shut us down. If we get to the three months without any other problems, then our first strike goes away and we will start over. Joy.

  2. As someone that rarely blogs some years, it happens. I have considered shutting my blog down entirely many times, but then don't. (It just dawned on me I missed my blog anniversary 4 days ago. oops!) Just do what works for you. :)

    1. Kelly: I don't want to shut it down. I'm hoping I'm just going through a thing and I'll find a groove again sometime.

  3. I love your random thoughts posts. It's always fun to see what's happening in your world. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. You crack me up! I love your ramblings. Congrats on your BTS tickets! I'm glad you had a fun year.



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