Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Lovely Blog..... Or Not

I was tagged for this by Kara from Flowers of Quiet Happiness awhile back but I didn't know it until the other day since I've been pretty scarce with the blogging and blog reading these days. Anyway, it's one of those "list interesting stuff about yourself" things and I'm wondering if I can come up with anything more interesting about myself that you haven't heard a thousand times already.

1. I accomplished a pretty big bucket item list this past month when I traveled to and from Illinois (total of 22 hours driving each way) by myself. I learned several things:

  • I enjoy driving alone which allows me to blast the music as loud as I want...which I did and was in heaven. I'm a serious addict to loud music. I wonder where this came from. Even at the end of a 12 hour drive I was sad to have to be done with the music. 
  • I enjoy staying in a hotel room alone, well, at least for a night. My guess this would get old after awhile. 
  • I don't enjoy eating alone, even going down to the hotel's breakfast made me anxious. And I refuse to even go into a fast food joint and sit there and eat alone. Drive throughs and eating in the car or hotel is how I survived this part.
  • I love seeing the country. It's big and beautiful and amazing. I've decided I don't even think Wyoming and Nebraska are boring anymore. They are both amazing. :)

2. I like doing laundry and folding clothes but I hate mopping floors and cleaning anything in the bathroom.

3.We're planning a trip for fall break to visit my sister and meet her friend that does our kpop channel with us....who we've never met IRL. Pretty excited about this. If you watch the channel you'll get to see us all meet for the first time 'cause you know we'll be filming it!

4. Last year at this time I had no knowledge about Korea's pop culture... or no desire to go there....this year it's all I can think about how fun it would be to go there and see... stuff and things and people. It's weird how a year can go by and life and can be so different. It sort of gives my brain whiplash.

5. I'm told my computer is ancient and that I need a new one. I'll ponder this for now and maybe act on it eventually. This is something about me, right? That it takes awhile for me to upgrade my devices. Or even to get them in the first place.

6. We don't watch normal TV much, but we just got a dish on our roof and are now Dish Network people. (They did a sweep through the neighborhood and either everyone was ready for a change or the dude selling it was especially charismatic, because he's been quite successful in his efforts! ) Anyway, I find this funny. But the cool thing is that when we DO want to watch regular TV we can do it on our tablets, which seems to be the way to watch TV lately at our house.

7. Well, this list has turned into more of a random thought list than a something about me list. Seriously. You know everything. I'm not even kidding. What does this say about me? Something I'm thinking.

All my bloggin' buddies have pretty much been tagged, but if you haven't and want to make your list, jump in and let me know so I can come and comment.


  1. I put this aside as a potential post for next week when I saw it on another blog. I probably won't think of anything interesting either... But, I may post! I hate eating alone. I always feel awkward. lol I even struggle with cooking for just me and eat pretty basic.

  2. I finally can eat alone! Something about getting married did this to me. It's so weird. I kind of even like it. And I like traveling alone too. I didn't know about the cleaning thing. I'm okay with laundry too. I hate mopping.

  3. I don't like eating alone either, but I do enjoy driving alone. All that time to think and listen to what I want to listen to. What's not to like?

  4. Ha ha ha. I love your post. Even though it was random thoughts, it still gives us insight into you as a person. Even though I know a lot about you, I still enjoy reading things. :) PS--I don't mind doing the laundry, but I HATE folding it.

  5. I don't enjoy eating out by myself either. I feel awkward. I also prefer to eat in the car if I'm by myself.

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  7. Yay! I'm so glad you joined in. And thanks for the shoutout. :) I hate eating alone too! Although I'm working on getting more comfortable with it. I can finally eat alone at a fast food place because I can sit there as long or as short as I want. If I want to eat really fast and leave, I can! Plus I feel less inconspicuous there when I have my phone or my kindle out on the table. I've occasionally eaten at a nice sit down restaurant, but only at non-busy times. If it's right over a meal period and the place is crazy busy, you can bet I won't be stopping. Except maybe to order something to go. But I want to get more comfortable with this! I have no built in person to eat with like you marrieds do :), so I really would like to get to the point where it doesn't bother me at all. Here's hoping!

    Driving alone, however? Yes please! I'm so used to it by now that to have someone in the car with me is very weird.

    Also, I hate laundry. Washing, folding, putting away, just all of it! Yuck.



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