Sunday, January 3, 2016

Currently: Feeling Pumped, Mostly

Listening: At this very moment I'm blasting some Blueman Group percussion-y songs, which I love love love. Like this:

Well, at least they cleaned up the mess they made, eh? :)

Watching: My sister Megs has decided that I must join her in her fascination with Korean drama... so I've downloaded the app Drama Fever to my tablet and have fully immersed myself into one called Lie to Me. It's very fun, silly, convoluted and sappy. But fun. I said that already, right. So far so good. I will keep watching.  Also, I finished The 100 season two and will probably maybe perhaps watch it live on TV when it starts up again soon. I missed Sherlock on Friday night so I'm hoping they re air it this week as they say they will. Also... Downton Abbey!

Scene I just watched from Lie to Me

P.S. I also watched Star Wars (the new movie) twice since last we Currently-ed. I would love to see it one more time at the Imax before it goes away. I wonder when that will happen, if it hasn't already.

Reading: If you've been keeping track, I've been posting  a gazillion year end posts this past week. I hope you've enjoyed them all. And for some reason I can't settle on what I want to read at the moment, so I've started a pile all at once. I think I'll settle on Their Fractured Light. Deal?

Blogging: I'm hoping to change things up this year.. maybe do my reviews differently, maybe not post as often, maybe. I don't know. I feel like something needs to change a bit. But I'm not sure what. We'll see. MEANWHILE... BLOGGIESTA! January 16 and 17! A mini one! JOIN US!

Writing: I'm ready. So ready. I took all of December off and now... BACK AT IT! This is going to happen guys. I will post specific goals on my other site here soon.

Health Watch: Eating is crap still, but I did fit in Zumba three times this week. Working back up to every day. This is also GOING to happen! I'm also hoping to learn better how to make vegetarian stuff. Not to say we're turning vegetarian, but let's say we maybe will be 3/4 that way. That can be a thing, right?

Crafting: So I made a baby quilt and gave it to my new grandbaby-to-be for Christmas. I did a crappy job as I'm so out of practice, but maybe it's start to doing some more stuff like this:

  • A lot of changes will be happening at our house these next few months and it makes me anxious. Here's hoping I make it through. If you notice something off...that's why!
  • Looking forward to writing conferences that are coming up!
  • Looking forward to some plays/musicals that are coming up!
  • Did I tell you I got Josh Groban tickets for the summer? YEP!!
  • My back and my neck and my foot have hurt all these weeks of holiday. Do you think I'm dying? Or maybe.. I'm just getting old?
  • I have not been at work for two weeks. It seems like another world. 
  • I have a new primary class to teach at church today. Twelve 8 year olds, nine of them boys. Help me now! 
  • I want to buy CDs from Amazon but they are all expensive imports. It frustrates me. I think I might cave anyway.
  • We watched Some Kind of Wonderful over the holiday. I love that movie:

I've shared it before, and I'll share it again. Best scene ever.

And so... what have you been up to these days?


  1. Wow, it's been a while since I've visited and you've been writing and are going to be a grandmother (or maybe I've missed even more and you already are). Congratulations! Good luck with that primary class.

    1. Shelley: I saw your comment and thought... wait, is this the Shelley I remember??? :) Glad you are back and I hope to see you around everywhere! (The grandbaby is due in Feb... and the primary class was wonderful today!)

  2. I hope all these house changes aren't too scary. I plan on changing my review format too. I think yours are good the way they are but I understand that desire to change things up.

    1. Jenny: Maybe I won't change that much... I don't know. I just want to be able to breeze through them and not think too hard! LOL!

  3. OH COME ON!!! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE KDRAMAS Yes, Lie To Me is contrived. But oh my goodness they are SO CUTE... I miss innocent cuteness in TV nowadays....

    And I LOVE your pic of Jensen... He could get me to write too!

  4. I hope your house changes aren't too bad. Good luck with them. And, I think you did a great job of the quilt. It looks beautiful from the picture you posted. :)

  5. Imported CDs are expensive, and I hate it. What kind of changes are going on?

  6. That quilt looks beautiful! I think you are being too hard on yourself.

    As for 2016, I suspect you will weather the changes beautifully. Good luck!

    1. Michelle: I only showed what I could bear to show! All the bad parts are hidden!

  7. I missed this post but for some reason, came by today and have to add Some Kind of Wonderful is also one of my favorite movies. Don't think my wife has seen it. Don't know why, just love it.

    1. Bryan!!! You should totally "make" your wife watch it!! :)

  8. I missed this post but for some reason, came by today and have to add Some Kind of Wonderful is also one of my favorite movies. Don't think my wife has seen it. Don't know why, just love it.



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