Monday, October 26, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E3: Thank You (SPOILERS!)

First of all, let me just post here what I posted on Twitter last night during all the craziness of The Walking Dead Episode:

Seriously people... If you don't want spoilers keep off twitter until you've watched it. You know? :)

I was blown away about the amount of people complaining about spoilers last night. If you don't want spoilers, then WHY WOULD YOU BE LOOKING AT TWITTER!!!

Same goes for checking out people's blog posts on the topic. Yes, there are spoilers ahead!!! You've been warned.

And this would NOT be a good week to watch the episode later. I mean really. Sometimes you just need to watch live no matter what else is happening in your live,  know what I mean?

All that being said...

WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED last night on The Walking Dead? Is he dead or isn't he? 

Oh my gosh it was terrible!!!

But everyone is saying HE IS NOT DEAD! But... how can he not be? I mean, he is COVERED with walkers and even if they aren't eating him this very moment, they will be any second and he CAN'T MOVE!

Should we back up?

So, we have joined our people who have gone on a mission to lead the pit of walkers far far away. But the horn made them veer off toward their homes. So they have to fix this problem. Rick runs off alone to get the RV to... do something... help Sasha and Daryl I guess. And Glenn and Michonne and some others are going to head off another direction trying to get back to Alexandria. But they are cut off by the horde of walkers.  We get some sad talk about wives left at home (with sad looks from Glenn) and some lectures about "we know what we are doing and you don't and YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE OUT THERE!" And we get some strange exchanges between Glenn and his nemesis Nicholas and I just don't get why Glenn is so nice to him. But whatever.

One of Glenn's last (maybe) moments, helping Annie? who
messed up her foot in a fall.

Bottom line is.... they all and I mean ALL get surrounded by the walkers and there's no where to go. Glenn and Nicholas are trying to burn up a building for distraction, but that doesn't work. Michonne is trying to lead all the injured away, but that doesn't work. Rick is taking the RV but that doesn't work. Also, the horn stops but they are suddenly hearing gunshots from the direction of home. They think that it's people defending against the walkers, but we know better after what went down last week!

It's terrible.

So, a bunch of Alexandrian's that I don't know get eaten. And it's sad and traumatic, but still, you know, we don't really care. But then, when Glenn and Nicholas get surrounded... I totally thought Nicholas was going to sacrifice himself to save Glenn.. and he sort of meant to I think, but after he shoots himself and falls, GLENN FALLS WITH HIM!! Why why why???  And the last we see is Glenn being sucked down and swallowed under a hoard of walkers. I can't watch it again... and I won't post it here, but you can find it you want. Ha.

Anyway. I cried. And did a lot of freaking out and screaming and exclaiming, oh crap, a lot. How about you all? What were you saying and doing? I was also thinking... why are we all watching this show again? I mean, it's pretty painful. It really is. But there's something we love about this pain, am I right? And we are all weird!!
Glenn and Nicholas are up on a dumpster... surrounded by walkers.

Meanwhile, Michonne gets away with Heath and one other dude (Scott?) and I guess they'll be okay. And Rick is stuck in the RV that won't start now, and after he killed off a bunch of Wolves (the ones Morgan let go?) the walkers are now surrounding him. Pull to aerial shot and...

....The End of this episode!

And now, everyone is saying, no, this is not the end of Glenn. Nicholas is on top of him and the walkers are eating HIM. But Glenn is okay. But even so, how will he get away? 

On the after show Talking Dead, they said we have not seen the last of him. They didn't say what FORM we haven't seen the last of him in, but they refused to do the memoriam thing for him, which seems to be saying something to a lot of people.

Well, I could go on and on, but mostly, I just want to know what you think? Dead? Or not? And if not... how????

Oh, and P.S. I guess we won't know the answer to the big question for a couple of weeks? We'll be getting Morgan's backstory instead? Sigh.

I've loved Glenn from the start, as I think we all have. He totally captures the humanity of the show.
If he's dead, how will everyone go on?


  1. I don't know what to think. I think he is dead (sadly) and that we're going to see him as a walker. I truly hope I'm wrong, but I just don't know how I could be.

    1. Jenni: Seeing as a walker will be so traumatic!!!!

  2. I hated last nights episode....I know that main characters are going to die but this...ugh! I was the same way...why am I watching this? But really I love it so much so of course I will keep on watching even when they rip my heart into pieces and stomp on it for good measure. I can only hope that he is alive but really I don't see how it is possible. Ugh! Rant over, is it Sunday yet?

    1. Samantha: They WILL die especially on this show... but not THIS main of a character!!! :)

  3. I am in complete and utter DENIAL!!!! He is still alive, Nicholas is a meat shield. How is going to get out of this mess, I HAVE NO IDEA!!! But NO he is Glenn and he has to stay alive out of my sheer will power and love of his character. They can kill off Rick... I will trade him for Glenn any day of the week...

    1. Megs: Yeah... I guess we'll see... I don't know... I just don't know...

  4. Glenn is one of my favorite characters, both in the books and the show. Honestly, I think he is gone. I almost feel that if he survives, it will be a cheap move. I've heard lots of theories, but I just think they are all pulling at too many straws. I know that sounds horrible.

    I'm also curious about your thoughts about Rick's hand. I have some thoughts on that one too, but we will see where it goes. Maybe we will finally get some answers tomorrow!!



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