Sunday, June 22, 2014

In Which I Prove I'm Not Imaginary

Meet Gayle! She and I became friends through my blog years ago, even though she's not a book blogger herself... she's a reader and a book blog reader and... a most awesome photographer! So we've passed a few letters back and forth, some cards maybe, became Facebook friends (where I can see her awesome pictures!) and have,  you know, been internet friends all these years.

But her kids have given her a hard time and said, "Hey mom, about that imaginary friend you have...." So the other day, she was in town and dropped by the library where I was working, and managed to find me even though I was running around and not being easy to find, and guess what? I'm not imaginary after all! Yay! How awesome is that!?

I'm so glad she made the effort to stop by even though there wasn't really time to talk or anything, it was fun to meet and say hi and see her cute kids. Maybe we'll get another chance another day down the road!

Other random stuff that's been going on that lets me know all is not in my imagination:

** I posted these cookies my daughter made for book club on Instagram and it got more likes than this awesome sunset picture that also happened this week.

** Everyone has wanted the cookie recipe so if you want it too, here's the link: peanut butter chocolate chip nutella cookies.

** I'm busy making a video/slideshow for my parent's 50th wedding celebration which will be happening next week. I guess we are also making one of our own family's endeavors to share at the reunion with my brothers and sisters too. It's been all pictures and movies this week!

** Last week we went to the city's summer celebration parade and the cannon that led off the parade exploded just after it passed us and burned three kids. That was pretty terrible. I think they are doing okay, but I'd like to know for sure!

** We are trying to get more garden planted. I've assigned that to my 19 year old. He's doing pretty good with it. Keep your fingers crossed that they actually grow now!

** I've decided if I really want to write more, I've got to stop committing to reviewing books! And having deadlines and such for reading. It's staring to make me a little crazy.

** The World Cup has passed me by many years before and I've never even noticed. This year though, it seems to be on a bit at our house! I guess that's what happens when you suddenly have a new son-in-law (and a new daughter-in-law too for that matter) that loves soccer, eh? But I'm not sure who to root for.. the USA or the cool other teams with those cool nice looking cool soccer playing cool guys! :)

** We went to two movies this past week... I shared my thoughts about The Fault in our Stars here.. .and got wow, such an overwhelming reaction from all of you!! (You all must be TFIOS'ed out.) And this week I'll tell you about that Dragon movie where I'll wonder how they can make cartoon boys so freaking cute.

Well, I guess that's it from here. Life goes on. The next big event is this weekend, as I said, and then maybe, just maybe there'll be a little excitement lull? We'll see.


  1. I've found that I can't write novels and read/review novels at the same time. It's one or the other. Most of the time, I choose reading/reviewing because it's easier and gives me more pleasure. Writing is HARD. Good luck with it!

  2. Yay! It was SO awesome to meet you (and prove to my kids that you're not imaginary!) and talk to you even if it was just for a few minutes! And those cookies look divine!

  3. Oh and I love the sunset picture too - beautiful!



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