Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Sunday Salon: A Trip List

Hey everyone! I'm home! It was a fun week. Here's a list of "stuff we did":

  • viewed the Grand Canyon from several different spots, including up high in a tower!
  • visited a small town museum and talked genealogy
  • ate at a brewery
  • hiked through Indian ruins
  • hiked around a volcano
  • had two or three picnics
  • ate cactus fries
They were good!
  • sat and people watched in Sedona, Arizona
  • almost hit an elk
  • looked at the sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn and the Orion Nebula through telescopes
It totally looked just like this!
  • went on a Pluto walk
  • bought a shirt that says "Pluto was framed!"
  • met book bloggers at the Changing Hands bookstore
  • bought a shirt that says "Fictional Character."
  • walked around Scottsdale Arizona, bought a hat
  • drove to the top of a "mountain" and saw the view
  • slept in... a lot
  • ate out... a lot
  • bought two salt and pepper shaker sets, three key chains, four magnets and one bookmark
  • saw The Hunger Games for the second time
  • watched The Sentinel at "home" on DVD
  • finished Froi, but didn't read much else.
  • looked at condos 
  • played Draw Something while sitting around the table with each other, for an hour and a half 
  • feed backyard chickens and listened to the backyard rooster
  • walked around Lake Havasu for about one minute, saw the London Bridge for about one minute
  • saw the fountains at The Bellagio dance to Time to Say Goodbye
  • oohed and ahhed over the signed guitars at some store in Caesar's Palace Forum Shops
  • visited M and M World, but they did NOT have salt and peppers shakers (or "normal" m and m's)
It's a crazy store.
  • ate at a lunch buffet
  • drove home in a terrible snow storm
  • made it!
Now back to real life this week? Drat.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip without too much craziness going on! We got your postcard -- my kids were so excited to see a postcard that someone bought on a trip and actually mailed. Thanks!

    1. LOL! I'm impressed they noticed that! Cool. Glad it actually arrived. You always wonder when you stick cards in a mail box!

  2. That sounds fantastic! I'm glad you had such a great trip. :) One of my favorite trips ever was to Arizona. The Grand Canyon is so amazing!

  3. It was awesome to have you visit. Can't you just move in next door?

    I LIVE here but have never heard of cactus fries!! Where did you have them and what are they really??

    Your vacation sounds like the perfect Spring Break getaway. I hope your world traveler arrived home home safe and sound as well.

    I love traveling and seeing new places, storing up memories and basically avoiding real life - - BUT I sure miss my bed and my pillow. Glad that you had a good time! It was a blast to meet you and your family IRL.

    Have a great week.

  4. Sounds like a fun, crazy trip! No wonder you didn't have time to read :) Thanks for letting me be a part of your vacation.

  5. Wow! Nice trip Suey. A very packed week but tons of fun it seems.
    Now, how is the trip recovery coming along??? :)



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