Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Sunday Salon: From the Road

Writing my Sunday report here on this Saturday night. 

Outside my window:
Dark, clear and a bit chilly.

I am listening to: Shrek is on the TV down very very low.

Song of the week: We Are Young by Fun has been stuck in our heads all day long!

TV Talk: I have nothing regarding TV this week. Nothing is really standing out these days! Same old same old, you know?

Books Finished:  Nothing this week. But I'm very very close to finishing Froi of the Exiles, in fact, I think right now I'll go finish that!
Books Started: Just the Froi book.
Books Up Next: With me, I have Before I Go to Sleep. Hoping to get to it. Also, Watership Down.

I am thinking: Why am I so tired? I mean, driving through the Grand Canyon shouldn't exhaust me THAT bad, should it? But I do know one thing, the Grand Canyon takes my breath away. 

This isn't the Grand Canyon.... it's Glen Canyon Dam you see.

I'm grateful for: cars, beautiful scenery and nice hotels.

Around the house: let's hope the kids remember to feed the bird!

Recipe of the Week: I can't really remember cooking this past week.... hmmm.

Favorite things of the week: I can't even remember what happened this past week except that it was busy busy busy. What did I even do? Sheesh, I hate it when that happens. Crazy. 

Least favorite thing: failing electronic batteries! Gah, this makes me crazy. Oh, and when I order a MEDIUM Frosty at Wendy's and they give me a teeny tiny junior one instead. Five bites of a Frosty just doesn't cut it for me dudes.

Family Matters: We are all scattered all over the place this week... including one kid in Japan! How about that?

The coming week: There are lots of adventures yet in store for us this week, and I look forward to them all!

Blog Report: It was a bit quiet on the blog this past week. I needed a break after Bloggiesta I suppose, which was a blast though, by the way! But I did do a post about the blogger panels I was on, which was pretty fun to write. 

Well, that's a pretty boring Sunday report, but I just thought I'd check in since I've been a bit blog quiet this week. I'm here! And I hope to be around this week, traveling or not.

Oh, wait, is it Easter tomorrow (today?) Happy Easter for those celebrating! I almost forgot!


  1. You must listen to some other music by fun., especially "Some Nights." They really are one of the greatest bands I've ever heard.

  2. So, wait. Did you just get back from traveling are going traveling or in the process right now. So confused. Either way, have fun!

  3. that song has been in my head ALL week! and there it goes, it's back. busy, the grand canyon, and Japan?! sounds like a typical week...hope you have a fantastic week with your upcoming adventures!

    ~L (omphaloskepsis)



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