Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012: Bookish and Otherwise

Okay fine. I'll make another little list!

Reading Goals... all very similar to last year
1. Read one NF book a month
2. Read one classic book a month and answer questions posted for this challenge
3. Read one already acquired ARC a month and catch up (ha)
4. Read one book club book a month
5. Read one literary fiction and/or historical fiction book a month
6. Catch up on a bunch of series'.
7. Read from my own stacks and really try hard to not add to those stacks!
8. BUT... still use the library too.

Blogging Goals
1. Mark Google Reader as ALL READ and start over, once and for all
2. Purge Google Reader and THEN start over.
3. Leave more comments... as always... more comments, more comments!
4. Give my blog a make over... a new fresh look.
5. Change my ratings system to a star system to match Goodreads
6. Think of something fun and interesting to do to mark the five years of blogging date!

"Life's Other Adventures" Goals
1. Try Zumba and see if it works.
2. Stop eating Eat healthier!
3. Do crunches every day (that's DO crunches not eat them!)
4. Conquer anxiety. ( I can dream, right?)
5. Archive all the home movies.
6. Decorate the bedroom
7. Start quilting again
8. Write more real "in the mail" cards and letters.

Ummm... I think that's good for now. Any hints, helps or suggestions on any of my goals? Throw them at me!


  1. nice lists - I like how you've broken your goals into different sections.
    re google reader - have you tried making different folders, to categorize the blogs? That helped me, so I might just read one folder, and leave the others. Some are my besties, some by region (UK, or Aussies), I keep a folder as New until I keep them straight and know where I want to put them. It makes the number seem smaller.

    good luck wih your goals!

  2. I love how there's a touch of a sarcastic tone to this blog. ;) Or maybe that's just my own depression at work.

    I have had anxiety problems my whole life. I'm learning it's pointless to resist. I might as well just embrace...or at least accept them.

    I love the card idea. I got a Christmas card in the mail the other day and it put a huge smile on my face. I want to spread some smiles.

    Oh, and as for purging Google Reader...I purge it every dang day! You can do it. I'll even come click the button for you if you want. ;)

  3. Raidergirl: Yes, I do have folders, but they are also out of control and make no sense. It's like the messiest file cabinet you've ever seen!

    Jenny: Quite sarcastic, yes. But in a good way. Yes, the anxiety thing. Fun isn't it? I've had it forever too. I guess I won't really conquer it, just deal with it as you suggest. I have it bad regarding my kids. They hate it.

    I really may have to have you push the button, I've tried... and failed.. many times!

  4. Looks like a good set of goals!

    Definitely try Zumba. I'm not very consistent with it, but when I am it does work. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

    I really need to mark Google Reader all read like rightnow, but I love this part of the year with all the best of lists and new year goals that I'm hard pressed to pull the trigger!

  5. DUDE! I'd totally make you a free custom layout 'cause I think you're awesome. If you're interested, you can check out my designs here: If not, no pressure. It's no skin off my nose if you don't want to. :D

  6. I love reading your book goals. A big one for me this year is to try reading mostly my own books. I don't know how successful I'll be, 'cause I get carried away at the library.

  7. If you conquer anxiety, please, please send your elixir my way ;)

  8. nice goals, all the way around! Good luck!


  9. Excellent goals! I have a history of resolution failure, so try to keep the number down so the eventual fail isn't as bad. ha!

    It's not as hard as you think to purge Google Reader, as I have to do it periodically. Sometimes I'll just look over the past day or two, then click that All Read button! Otherwise, it's too depressing to see that 1000+ number staring at me, making me feel guilty.

    My big goals are to comment more and whittle down my massive TBR piles. Here's to 2012 being our year of awesome!

  10. These sound like great goals for the year! Good luck with them :)

  11. I try not to set "explicit" goals by actually writing them down, but I do have a few that I've started. Like you with "Life's Other Adventures," I'm attempting the health thing again, now that the big health issues are behind me. I'm going to do Elie Krieger's book method, which is a week at a time in such small increments that I feel like I can do it. I'm actually kind of excited!

    As for book reading and blogging? I liked that I was a bit more gentle with myself last year and decided not to freak out if I didn't do more. I'm doing the less is more, because it's my hobby, right?!? :)

    You're great and I love to see what you're up to. Since school starts tomorrow, and it's way past my bedtime, I'll be seeing you around! My life is going to kick back into crazy-town busy! LOL.

  12. Megan: I have a hard time with that trigger too. But I think it's going to have to happen.

    Enna Isilee: I will look into your designs! But, I'm really happy with very simple, so I may end up just using some blogger thing that works too. We'll see!

    Megan: I used to use the library more before I worked there. Weird how that happened.

    Peppermint: Oh man, for sure! May guess is, I will not discover a cure quite yet! :)

    L: Wahoo! Love making goals!

    Alexia: Year of Awesome! I love it!

    Amused: Thanks and good luck to you too. :)

    Becky: Good luck with all busy you have to deal with! I may have to look into that book you mentioned.

  13. I did Zumba for the first time last week with my sis-in-law. I don't know if it works because I just did it the one time and don't have a gym membership so probably won't do it again soon. But I will tell you that every muscle in my body hurt and I discovered many new muscles in the process. And I work out daily, so it's not as if I was just sore from not exercising. So I think it probably does work pretty well!

  14. several of those are on my list too! especially the clearing out of Google Reader and starting over...I've been purging blogs I never read this evening and trying to leave comments on those I do read....ahh, if only I could rapidly get it all done...alas, I like too many blogs =}
    and quilting - amen sistah! I have a tshirt quilt i've been semi-working on for 2 years for my bf...I have GOT TO FINISH IT this year! ugh! and what's so bad is I really like to quilt...too many hobbies!



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