Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Taking it Easy

It's been quite the mild, low key week. I've enjoyed that. Here's what's going on at our house:

Outside my window: Sunday afternoon and it's quite nice outside my window. A bit balmy even I'm thinking.

I am listening to: my YouTube favorites playlist. People, if you aren't making a favorites playlist ever there, you are really missing out on a great way to listen to your favorite stuff! Seriously.  And I'm trying to decide what to pick for my song of the week.

Song of the week: So why is it the last few weeks no songs have stood out to me during the week, but this week I have several. And I can't decide. You are all going to think they are strange and weird songs. You are going to wonder what's up with me. Okay, we'll go with this one.

Have I mentioned Tiesto before? Most likely. He does that dj-ing thing, which I don't really get, but whatever it is, it's cool. A little head pounding if you have tendency towards a headache, but still. It's cool. So I discovered that he has a song for the Mission Impossible theme... music that I've always loved. And this video to go with it it cool too. I have yet to see the movie though.

My favorite MI music is this song from the second movie, especially at about 2:15 into the video. Oh my, blasting that in the car is so so awesome!!!

TV Talk: I've been all over the place regarding TV this week. I finished the first season (series? I think they say series over there in the UK!) of Sherlock. Awesome stuff! And last night I was in a mood so I watched the first episode of My So Called Life, and earlier in the week we watched the first episode of The Wonder Years. I also watched some random Robin Hood episode because man I miss those guys! And I watched episode 4 (season 4) of Merlin on YouTube, and also a couple of Matt Smith Doctor Who's. All this on Netflix of course (except the one YouTube one) So on REAL TV I watched Once Upon a Time and Downtown Abbey last week (more tonight, yay!) and American Idol. I tried to watch Revenge online but the episodes I need aren't there anymore. :( Oh and there was no Vampire Diaries! People! What ARE you thinkin?  Um yeah, so, do you think I have a TV issue?

Reading Report
Books I've finished: This week I finished both Lola and the Boy Next Door and also Where She Went. Reviews coming this week!
Books I've started: I had great intentions of reading a ton of Inheritance this week, but instead, I ended up getting my hands on an ARC of Partials by Dan Wells, so I've started that instead.
Books I want to start: Anxious to start The Wise Man's Fear. It's time. It really is.

I am thinking: in regards to my TV viewing problem, here's what I think... I think that TV shows are like books.. they are stories, just in a different medium. So does it not make sense that if I like books, I will like TV? Yes? But so many book lovers say, blech, I don't DO TV! But I say, TV is truly just like books. Really. Hmmm... does this thought merit its own post? Hmmm....

I am grateful for: a really robust immune system! I keep thinking that I might getting something, but then, the next day I feel fine. Fight, body, fight!

What I learned this week: in order to get out of the house on time you must prepare your stuff the night before. I know. What a concept, eh?

Around the house: it's been recently vacuumed. And somehow we almost convinced one kid to keep the bathroom clear of towels and clothes. Almost. If we can accomplish this one little thing, we will have made huge progress in the "around the house" category!

Recipe of the week: For dinner today we had steak cooked with tomatoes in the crock pot, boiled potatoes, fruit salad, and homemade rolls. One day this week I made this recipe found on Pinterest and it was very delicious.

Favorite things of the week: going to the Everneath launch party, having some very relaxing no stress days (makes me wonder if this is a calm before a storm or something,) lots of reading, pondering books for next year's book club list

Family matters: One kid took a little road trip to see his friend this weekend. That sounded fun. One kid has gone on three dates with three different guys within the one week. That sounds kinda fun too. One kid is still coughing his guts out. His current song to learn on the drums and to play with his band is Bitter Sweet Symphony. And finally, one kid is reading The Hiding Place for school (in 7th grade... what do you think about this people?)

Things discussed around the house this week: blogger/author/librarian drama, computer ailments, the eating of fruits and vegetables, the price of food, how early to set your alarm so that you will still get up when you actually need to get up, and why do the bed sheets totally slide to one side every single night?

Things I hope to accomplish in the coming week: prepare for an upcoming kid birthday, write some real letters, exercise (because I seem to be doing crappy on that little assignment,) tweak more blog items.

The Blog Report: I did some book club reporting, both what we thought of our book and other stuff we discussed. I told you all about the launch party, and I told you what books I hated. I also begged lurkers to say hi, but I think I pretty much failed on that because most of the people that commented where my regulars! Too funny. Oh yeah, and I also discussed YA vs. adult books. I had fun this week!


  1. So? How awesome is Partials?

    I'm glad you gave a strong immune system mines not so amazing. I blame it on being the youngest in my family.

    I still haven't read The Hiding Place and never will. I think it just depends on whether you can handle it and I know I can't. Still seventh grade seems awfully young.

    And I'm feeling grouchy tonight so I'm just going to say it. Anytime anyone feels the need to announce what they DON'T do in a demeaning manner I want to take them down a notch or two. Grrrr!

    1. It's good, but I'm still waiting for something to happen!

      Why so grouchy? :)

  2. I am looking forward to reviewing Sherlock Holmes together! I am looking forward to the next season (series). :)

    1. I wonder when and where we can see that next series? As for reviewing... what say you? Questions to ask each other? Just our thoughts posted on the same day? Whatever works for me!

  3. wow, you are eclectic in your tv interests, but then I guess you are pretty eclectic in your reading as well. :) I think we are finally caught up on Once Upon a Time and hopefully we'll sit down with Downton Abbey tonight--what a great show.

    the tv post would be interesting. I think that some people care less for tv over books because, for the most part, in books, you can do your own casting, create your own breaks, make your own decisions to cancel after two episodes.

    with the weather shifting so dramatically, I can't tell if any blech feelings are weather related and will subside, or if the daughter brought something home from school.

    prepping the night before is a lesson I keep having to re-learn, that and reviewing my week on Sundays.

    I saw you pin that recipe. I am going to try it..mmm.

    sounds like your kids are having some good experiences (minus the coughing one--eek!). Haven't read The Hiding Place, but am familiar with the author and her story. does your 7th grader go to a public school? regardless I expect it should be an emotional read. hmm. what do you think about it?

    "why do the bed sheets totally slide to one side every single night?" we had this discussion this week, too!


    1. My two kids not in college go to a charter school, a college prep school. When I first heard they were going to read this, I thought wow, that seems young for this book. But so far, she seems to be really loving it and handling well. I should be reading it (again) with her. It's been years since I read it.

      Too funny about the sheet issue! Good luck with the recipe. Hopefully you'll love it too.

  4. My daughter's solution to keeping the towels off the floor of the bathroom? Keeping them on the floor in her own room. Makes me crazy! Even so, the kids' bathroom is always a disaster and every time someone spends the night, I have to spend 45-60 minutes giving it a "quick" clean just to make it presentable. How can they stand to use it??

    1. Ah, what a lovely solution! There's no room on my kid's floor cause that's where the clothes go. Yep. Hey, but today, he cleaned it up! Awesome!



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