Friday, March 8, 2024

Fairy Tale by Stephen King Read-Along: Week One Discussion

My thoughts and some questions on our first week's reading for this Fairy Tale read-along. There will be spoilers for the first section which is Chapter 1 to 9. 

My random thoughts:

  • This ended up being the perfect ending spot for our week one! It's almost like I planned it, lol! (I literally just divided it into four equal chunks!) I feel a huge shift coming! Should we be nervous?
  • I am dying to know what's on that tape recorder and what's in that shed! What do you all think is going on with the shed? 
  • Very anxious about our dog... but I'm also really wondering if she has something to do with the mystery.
  • So far this has read like a sweet YA book... which is not at all what I expected. I am nervous though that it's all going to change.
  • Charlie seems like the sweetest dude, yeah? I didn't picture him so big until it was revealed he is 6'4". Wow.
  • Does anyone have any predictions of what's up with Mr. Bowditch? I am terrible at figuring things out. 
  • The murder of the jeweler dude seems like it might come to be important.

Some official questions:

1. Do you agree that so far this is very different from what we typically expect from Stephen King? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? 
2. What are your feelings about our main boy, Charlie? Do you think he is as "good" as he seems to be?
3. Assuming you are going into this book cold and have no idea what's going down, what are your predictions about what's in the shed? And what do you think Mr. Bowditch is hiding?
4. What are your feelings about Radar, the dog? Does she have something do with the weirdness? Do you think she's really going to die as Charlie continues to foreshadow?
5. Speaking of that, are you annoyed at Charlie for randomly throwing out spoilers to us the readers? Do you hate or like that as a writing device?
6. Is the promise Charlie made to God a likely reason he was so motivated to help Mr. Bowditch? Or do you think he has other motivations?
7. Do you think Mr. Bowditch is actually FROM a fairy tale? If so, which one?
8. Also, Mr. Bowditch is giving off vibes of a character from another popular and well-loved book, can you guess who I'm thinking of? 

I think that's good for now! If you are reading with us, let me know in comments what you are thinking about this first bit of reading. Can't wait to see what everyone is thinking so far, and I'm excited to keep reading. It has me hooked for sure!

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying FAIRY TALE. I've decided not to read it for now. I'm not feeling it and I'll just hate it if I force myself. Maybe some other time.



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