Thursday, June 8, 2023

New Instagram Account

So I finally gave into something I've been pondering for quite awhile now, and that is creating an Instagram account just for the bookish things. Up till now I've just combined my personal with the bookish stuff, but I'm finding that harder and harder to do for many reasons, so... I have succumbed! 

Anyway, this account will be all the things I'm reading, the writing things I'm working on, and another place for booktube post promotion. If you are interested in following those things find me @SueysBooks there. 

As is probably pretty obvious, I'm blogging less and less and less and finding more bookish type connection in other places (something I have felt happening for years now) and I've been fighting the migration forever, but it just seems like the blog spaces are truly not the thing anymore. It makes me SO sad!

That's not to say I won't ever be here, because I still need the visual for my own records of what I'm reading and etc. And I might just need a venting place now and then. But I'm going to try and not feel so bad/guilty for being so scarce around here, and concentrate in building up the other spots. Instagram has always been a bit of a mystery to me so this good get interesting! 

Anyway, just anyone still reading this knows what's going on and where you find me (especially other than YouTube and/or Twitter which I think many people aren't fond of either!) 

Let me know if you are active on Instagram too and I will follow you also!

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