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Kdrama Review: Master's Sun

Drama: Master's Sun

Genre: paranormal romance
Starring: So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, Seo In Guk
Rating:  ❤ ❤ ❤

Since I have been having Seo In Guk withdrawals, I decided it was time to watch this one, even though he is "only" the 2nd male lead. But despite the fact that he doesn't have a huge part (though he is in every episode of course) it was fun to see him again.

This is an older drama (like five years now I think?) that made a pretty big buzz back when it aired. It's about a girl who can see ghosts (I see dead people. Yes, she says it a couple of times.) but when she accidentally comes across the rich CEO of the big mall called Kingdom and accidentally touches him, the ghosts that are plaguing her disappear. She quickly figures out that there's something pretty special about him and she wants to be touching him all the time. She can finally get a good night's sleep!
She's a little touchy, yeah. 

Of course, he is having none of this, and is pretty appalled. This girl is quite, shall we say, below him in society and he tries pretty hard to get rid of her. But she sticks around, even getting a job at the mall. And the more she is around, the more he starts to become intrigued and charmed.

Each episode includes a ghost story of sorts that she (with the help of him) has to solve. Essentially making it so the ghost can move on and not be stuck here. Some of them are silly and some of them are surprisingly moving. Like when the dead dog comes back to comfort his master who is on the brink of suicide. I cried.

But one such ghost solving story ends in near tragedy and that's when our girl decides she is putting the guy in too much of harm's way. And of course, that's when our guy decides he loves the girl and is ready to have her by his side forever.

Yes. It ALWAYS happens! And so they have to now figure all that out!

It's a fun drama. The ghosts are weird and silly at times. The romance is a bit... I don't know, lacking I guess. I wanted more from it. It's cute though. There are many laugh out loud bits, which I love. It starts a very famous leading dude So Ji Sub, who I love and yet it he also makes me crazy! Maybe both the dramas I've seen him in his character is gruff and closed and a little mean, so it would be fun to see him in one where he is less grouchy and bristly!

Seo In Guk is adorable in this one, as a body guard that falls for our girl. When he quickly realizes he has no chance, he doesn't care and is just her friend and is there when needed. He is the sweetest ever. Okay, what should I watch next that has him in it? I can't get enough!

So he doesn't get THE girl, but he does get A girl. So there's that, right In Guk ssi!? :)
There's drama also features Kim Myung Soo also known as L from the lovely and amazing band called Infinite... I enjoyed getting to know him a little better. He plays our lead as a teenager. He is adorable. He's in a ton of other things, so I have lots to catch up on there too.

L from Infinite

Here's a fan made trailer that's pretty good:

 Here's the song: (This drama actually has a really good soundtrack. All on Spotify!)


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