Monday, May 22, 2017

BTS Wins Top Social Artist at the BBMAs

Jimin, Jin, Rapmonster, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, V

So, after three weeks of voting online for them... 100 times each day on the BBMA website, and 100 times on Twitter (okay so I was pretty lousy at the Twitter voting, but I tried!) BTS won the Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, beating out Justin Bieber who has won for six years in a row previously!

What was the vote count? I don't know the exact final but it was like 300 million for BTS and 20 million for Justin, with the other nominees getting.... way less than that.

It goes without saying that we, the fans of BTS, the fans of any kpop group, were over the top HYPED about this. We were dying for them to perform, but alas, they weren't on the line up. But they did get invited to come and accept the award and so they did and it was awesome and perfect and wonderful.

And now, as expected, the whole music world here is wondering who they are. (Want to know who they are in my words? Here's my post from awhile back!!!) And I'm dying to tell the world. And yet, at the same time, I'm dying to NOT share them. I want to keep them to myself and have them be my own little secret. Let the world sit back and just not know what they are missing. Especially if they are going to be judgmental and racist. (Which is actually happening I hear, after this win, but thankfully, I haven't seen it and I truly hope I can stay away from that crap.) If people feel that way about them, then let's just keep them safe and hidden away!

Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate here and say... look at them, see how awesome they are! If you are interested in seeing our reaction to them getting the award, of course we filmed it.

And if you, like the rest of the music world, want to know more... just ask. Please. And... maybe I'll send you link or two. :)

But I'll send you out with a quick taste for what they're like. Here's some clips of some of their most popular songs:


  1. I love this if for nothing else because they beat out Justin Beiber. I'm sad to hear it's brought out some racism though.

    1. Jenny: Always there's racism, cause don't you know, no one can do stuff like Americans....sigh

  2. I think it's awesome that that they won by such a huge margin! The interesting thing, though, is that kpop listeners are already on social media that much. They just added the hashtag for their tweet to count. So, it doesn't surprise me that they won.

    1. Agreed! It was pretty nice having it on Twitter. The award isn't won just by voting, though. They collect streaming and social media activity data from YouTube, Twitter, IG, and Facebook over the course of a year to determine the winner as well, so they've definitely earned it!

  3. Serously so excited that they won!!! What a huge moment for them.



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