Monday, March 20, 2017

Bloggiesta To Do List Spring 2017

Oh my word guys! I haven't done a Bloggiesta since I handed over the reins last year!

BUT, I wanted to try and join in this week because I've been having these overwhelming thoughts about revamping my blog in a big way. I've been resisting it but then I keep thinking... dang it.. it's my blog and I should be able to do with it whatever I want. And if that means totally changing it and going after a different audience a bit (I don't want to lose EVERYONE but I know it's happening whether I change my blog or not) then just embrace it, right?

Ah, it scares me still.

And this week, like most weeks, might be too crazy to really commit to much, but let's just say I hope to START the process this week anyway.

So here's my to do list for what it's worth:

  • change my header to reflect the new focus
  • change up the menu tabs
  • delete side bar stuff that is pointless now and add sidebar stuff that makes me happy
  • organize stuff to show off all interests somehow
  • write some posts 
  • twitter chats maybe
  • some mini challenges maybe

Anyway, if I change things up to reflect my new interests, you'll all still be my friends, right?


  1. The only thing I request that you keep if your page about book club because I use it often to refer back to what we've read in the past, lol. I guess I could just copy it and put it somewhere... So, if you do decided to get rid of it, warn me first, so I can make a copy. Thanks and good luck with your changes. I'm excited to see what you do.

    1. Jenni: I won't get rid of it... but I just want to reorganize things and change my header and I don't know what else....

    2. Awesome! I'll still excited to see the changes. :)

  2. Yes! We'll still be your friends! I can't wait to see the changes.

  3. I am still here and still will be with the changes. :) I do miss talking. Maybe one day life will calm down and we can watch something together again. :)

    1. Kelly: I often remember our little bit of time watching Buffy! LOL! Fun!

  4. Great list.

    Always good to update. I changed and/or updated my side panels.

    Have fun. See you on the chats if you are there.

    Silver’s Reviews

  5. I hope you're not going to leave out books completely! I don't have any interest in kpop/kdrama, but I love your posts on books, author events, music (not kpop), and family/life stuff. As long as it's not all k-stuff, I'll definitely stick around!

    1. Susan: Of course I won't leave out books... I just.. like... need to at least READ some! AH!!! Life is so weird!

  6. Oh, I love your goals! You know I'm one who loves changing up my blog(s). Can't wait to see what you've done afterwards.

  7. I think everything looks great! And I'm definitely still going to hang around so I can gush over kdramas with you . :D



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