Thursday, June 11, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor

Book: Waiting For Normal by Leslie Connor
Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
For: Book Club
From: The Library

Short Synopsis: Addie is living with all the twists and turns that her mom creates in her life. And all she really wants is to live normal. Meanwhile, while she's waiting, she takes care of herself in their new (old) trailer when her mom disappears for days on end. She hangs out at the mini mart, she practices her flute and feeds her hamster. She's loves to visit her step dad and her half sisters, but really, it just makes her sad to see their normal that she doesn't get to have. The one day something happens that changes everything.

My Response: Addie is a great character and one you can't help but care about. It's quite the sad story and I especially feel for the adults in this story... they want to help but aren't sure how, or what their place is. The step dad is awesome I wanted so bad for him to save the day. There were a few times that it made me a little weepy, mostly when the step dad wanted to do something but felt his hands were tied. Anyway, all that being said, it did have a particularly nice wrapped up ending. And while that made me happy I know a story like this in real life could have never been quite so neat.

Bottom Line: A sad, heart felt look into the life a neglected kid and who so happily deals with it.

Let's Talk About: What do you think about convenient endings? I mean, I WANTED it to end the way it did. But was it too easy? And if it was, does that make the whole book feel like a let down or something? What do you think?

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  1. I'm more okay with convenient endings when it's not realistic/contemporary fiction. If it's sci fi or fantasy, I can swallow it better. I did feel like the ending was too convenient, but I liked it. The thing I had a hard time with in this story is the portrayal of the mother. I'm going to quote my own review because it says how I feel.

    Mental illness is hard to live with. And, if someone suffering from mental illness takes medication, unlike Addie’s mom, it may help but it’s not a cure. I wish Denise had had more support around her as well. I know she needed to want to help herself, but when your mind isn’t quite right, you don’t know how to help yourself or that you even need help. Sure, the story is about Addie and how Denise’s illness affected Addie and those around her. But, I think it would’ve been more powerful had there been support for Denise as well, instead of just showing the ugly side of mental illness.

  2. This one should make for an interesting book club discussion. I'm not sure if the convenient ending ruined the book for me in this one but it has ruined other books. I guess it just depends on the book.



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