Sunday, April 26, 2015

Currently: Readathon Wrap 2015


Listening: I've just sat down here to write this and am blasting my "song" playlist from Spotify. Currently the awesome music from The Imitation Game. So many miscellaneous things on this list. I love blasting it whenever on the computer.

Watching: I've been trying to catch up with Reign these past weeks. I think I only have two episodes to go in the first season. Here's hoping the second season doesn't take long to show up on Netflix. Also, still keeping up on Survivor and Amazing Race and Arrow. Wow. Arrow had a crazy sad crazy intense episode this past week!

Reading: We had a blast during the Readathon yesterday! We started at 6 am and I lasted until 1 am. I would have gone longer, but I had to get up for 9:00 church so I finally stopped. We had three extra teenagers join us for the day. One lasted from from 6 am to 3 pm and the other day from 8 am to 11 pm. They did great! I read two and a half books, plus several pages in Dune. The teenagers all read one or one and half books each. Awesome.

Readathon crowd.

Writing: I sent some pages off to the author that was assigned me during Writing for Charity. Because of a mix up there, she said she'd look at pages on her own time. Excited to hear back from here. This week is another writing group meeting at the library. I need to figure out what I'm taking to them this time! Can't wait for Storymakers coming up in just a few weeks!

Blogging: We started our Dune Readalong this week. I'm struggling a bit with the book so far. Too political but I'm promised some stuff happens soon, so keep plugging along! Also, I have a giveaway that ends tomorrow if you want to have a chance at that be sure to sign up today. Then, I'll have another one going for a different book this next week. All part of my ambassador duties for the release of The Eternity Key! Fun!

Eating: This is not a good one to answer the day after a readathon! So much junk yesterday! And Cafe Rio! Today we are not eating anything to make up for it! Ha! I already had a ton more M and M's! :)

Planning: Doing lots of stuff to get ready for my son to head off to France this Saturday. So excited and nervous for him. That means our own trip is just a six weeks away! So we are doing lots of planning for that too. Booking train tickets, apartments, car rentals, buying guide books and maps and etc. Can't wait!
The family all together before everyone
takes off on their adventures.

Worrying: Which means I'm worrying about all that... a lot. A whole lot. All the time. Can't sleep. Ugh.


  • We want to plant a garden but the weather is still too cold.
  • My married daughter is off to Ecuador this weekend too, for a nursing internship thing. 
  • My married son got a puppy and they are having fun dealing with all that entails!
  • Finals last week and this week for all the college kids in this family. One month of school left for the one not yet collage kid.
  • We cleaned up our garage. It was really exciting. We found a dead squirrel in the shed too.
  • I've done Zumba for TWO WEEKS straight! I'm still fat though. I could probably do it for two years straight and still be fat. Anyway, I'd like to see some sort of improvement, just a little, by the time we go on our trip. I'd like to be able to do all the walking one does on such a trip without dying, you know.

Happy new week everyone!


  1. Your readathon sounds like it was so fun! Next time, I'm going to invite my daughter's friends over. They'll probably enjoy the event.

    Keep going with the Zumba! I started riding my bike a few years ago and what I loved the most was how much energy I had after a few months. As long as you're having fun, it's worth it.

  2. Um, your family looks thrilled in that picture.

    Dune is awesome! I know it's very political in the beginning, but the story is just great. There's so much too it. Star Wars is very political too, but because it's a movie, it's more subtle. Just think of Dune as Star Wars.

    Corey loves Reign. I've seen a few episodes. It looks fun.

  3. Your Readathon sounds like it was a ton of fun! I don't think I could get anyone in my family to do the Readathon with me, not even my husband even though he's reading more now.

    I like Jenni's comment. I'm going to start thinking of Dune as Star Wars now :)

    I can't believe your trip is only six weeks away! You're going to have so much fun!

  4. You always have so much going on. I'm excited for your trip. I wish I could go to Europe again. The Zumba will definitely help you do all that walking.

  5. Hey Suey -- just want to encourage you to keep up with Zumba, if you like it...or find something else. It's the consistency of it that eventually pays off along with balanced healthy portion controlled eating. Seriously....consistent exercise will help with your stamina. Awesome, btw, that you've completed two weeks. And super awesome about your upcoming trip.



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