Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Friday Rambles

What I'm thinking today:

-- wondering why my dumb counter thing went from almost 40,000 back down to 12,000.... I think I'll just zap it right off my blog.

-- watched 9/11 footage the other day and felt just as shaken as I did eight years ago. Also, I couldn't turn the TV off and look away, just like eight years ago.

-- did you ever wonder what happened to the Bookword Game? We took a break!! Yep, but it's coming back in a week or so.... but we need more ideas for bookwords to define. What's a bookish situation that needs a word? Let me know!

-- looking forward to BBAW next week. But my interview partner is being strangely silent. I really wanted to participate in that! :)

-- making myself crazy with about five books going at once all of sudden.

-- excited that book club starts next week too! It's going to be great bookish week.

-- watched Glee, only because I felt the Twitter peer pressure. Not sure what I think about that show at this point. But I'll for sure be watching next week since my buddy Josh Groban will be making a brief appearance! Not singing though. :(

-- trying to decide about watching the Vampire Diaries.

-- can't wait until my old favorites start up though. Looking forward to a Heroes fix again. I hope it's good.

-- speaking of Twitter pressure, Melissa sure felt some this week! I'm still pondering my own post of Twitter thoughts... since it's a strange beast, that Twitter is, and I have lots of thoughts.

-- but that's about all the random thoughts I have for this particular posts so I guess I better go and.... read.

Happy Weekend all you people!
But first, a song:


  1. Oh I really hope you and your interview partner get connected! That was one of the funnest parts of this, was getting to know a new blogger. :/

    ps - I'm really looking forward to NCIS!

  2. If you're partner never materializes, I'll happily fill in. I neglected to sign-up (I was planning on it) and now I'm feeling silly and left out!

  3. Suey, you make me smile.

    Ooooh, I'm looking forward to NCIS too... though I still have to finish watching the last season!

  4. Bookish situation that needs a word:

    The book has too many foreign words, words that aren't in the dictionary, so you keep having to get up and go to Google, but you're too lazy, and it drags out reading the book!

  5. I loved Jason Casro on American Idol. I'll definitely buy his CD.

    Your blog is great, BTW :) It's on my blog roll and I follow you regularly!

  6. Amanda and Lahni: Never fear, I have heard from my interview partner now! All is well! :)

    Britt: At least I make someone smile! :) I don't like NCIS... crime stuff... meh.

    Rhapsody: Good one! I'll add it to our list of potentials. Keep 'em coming...

    Lynn: I can't wait for his CD... taking a LONG time with it. But I'm loving this new song. Too cute. And ah, thanks for your sweet words about my blog! Made my day! :)



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