Monday, December 3, 2007

Kindle Anyone?

So, have you heard about the Kindle by Amazon? Or read any aritcles about it (like this one I read from Newsweek)?

What do you think? Is the electronic world going to really take over real paper books? Do you think you'd ever cuddle up on the couch, and read a Kindle? They say this one is The One... the Ipod for books, the device that will really make it happen!

I think it has some fun features, but I'm still quite attached to real, physical books! I need to put my nose in them and smell, I need to feel the pages, I need to look at cool covers, I need see stacks and stacks waiting for me, calling to me!
But, maybe the next generation won't need all that, and before we know it, books really will be obsolete.


  1. It's not "the one" for me. It's ugly and expensive. Books don't need batteries. Frankly $399 buys a lot of books! If I want to read books or blogs that are digital, I can do it with my computer.

  2. I'm not itching to join the digital age. There's nothing like a paperback book to curl up with on the couch.

  3. I cannot live without the feel of the pages between my fingers, the papercuts I get in the winter because my hands are too dry, nor the pulpy smell of the pages as I savor every last page of whatever I am reading.



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