Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Review: Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

Book: Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell
Genre: Classic
Rating: A+

I think I'm officially adding this one to my all time favorites list! I really liked it the first time I read it, but this 2nd go around, I really REALLY liked it!

What do I like so much about it? First off, the characters. They are wonderfully drawn people that you totally come to love/hate/get annoyed with, etc. There's our heroine, Molly, who is just so likable and normal amongst so many crazy people, who you want to "win" in the end so bad! Then there's her step-sister, Cynthia, who you can't completely decide if you like her or not. She's overshadows Molly, which makes you crazy, yet she knows and says, "so sorry" all the time. Then there's the brothers with completely different personalities, one of whom you come to really really like before it's over, even though he gets a little mixed up there in the middle! Then there's the annoying stepmom, the doting dad, the fun squire, the meddling spinster sisters..... ah... it goes on and on!

Secondly, I just love the soap opera-ish plot and story line. Lots of stuff going on, granted, lots of it is quite predictable, but you know, that's okay with me!

Anyway, we'll be discussing this one at book club tomorrow night, and watching a couple of clips from the movie, so I'm excited and anxious to find out if any body else enjoys it like I do!

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  1. This sounds like a good read for a classic book. Maybe I will pick this one up too.



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