Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What the Kids Are Reading!

I thought it would be fun to do a little highlight on the kids and what they're reading.....

Bud: age nearly 18 (WHAT!!?? No way!) He's having trouble lately getting into a book. But he's recently decided to finish reading, once and for all, the Ender's Shadow series by Orson Scott Card. He read and loved all the Ender's Game books, but sort of ran out of steam when it came to this companion series, so hopefully, he'll really do it.

He's a huge fan of Catcher in the Rye ( a book I haven't even read yet and am feeling a major need to now for sure!) and raved and raved about after reading it last year... something he read all on his own, not even a school assignment!

He's followed along with all the Harry Potter books, though instead of taking a day or two to read it (like some of the rest of us) he takes a slow couple of weeks. I made him read Twilight recently, too, and he said... "It was okay." Gasp! Just okay? Well... it is kind of a girl's book I guess!

JJ: age 15 1/2. Now here's the kid after my own heart! She can read a book in one sitting and we share and read together many, many YA books, mainly fantasies and romances. Most recently, we've both read a couple of Meg Cabot books (I think I'm addicted to her) and the Maximum Ride series. She also LOVES the Pendragon series, the Alex Rider series, and anything by Lurlene McDaniel. Luckily, she'll still be gone on her dance tour (she left today) when Harry Potter comes out and so we won't have to fight for the book. We will, however, have a major problem when it comes to Eclipse a few weeks later! I've been trying to talk her into Little Women, or Anne of Green Gables, or Jane Eyre.... but so far... no luck.

Moder: age 12. Boy #2 is also having a problem getting into and loving a book. We've gone through our stashes and he's hauled quite the pile to his room to try. But I think it overwhelms him. Like JJ, he also loves the Pendragon series and a series called The Grey Griffins, which starts with the book The Revenge of the Shadow King. I know there's TONS of books out there that he would love if only he'd sit and just start one of them!

Toto: age 8. She is really taking off on the reading thing, but her problem is she can't still still long enough and has too many other things going on in her head! But, she is eating up the Magic Tree House series, and recently finished The Bad Beginning of Unfortunate Events fame and went right on to the the next book! She read and loved Junie B. Jones, but is over that now! She also read all the books about her American Girl doll, Kirsten. Maybe next year I'll introduce her to the Babysitter's Club books... these are the ones that turned JJ into a major reader.

So.... those of you with kids... what fun books are they reading this summer?


  1. Great question.
    Jack, age 9, is reading The Great Brain series, another Bruno and Boots by Gordon Korman, anxiously awaiting the Deathly Hallows, and just finished The Giver. I'm impressed and pleased.
    Rachel, age 7, is full of Junie B, Ramona, Geronimo Stilton and we are trying to read The Incredible Journey aloud.
    Jamie, age 4, tends to have the same few books read to her, of course. It's been some My Little Pony stories, and Caillou Goes Birdwatching.

  2. I have a 15 year old daughter who just finished reading the 4th book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series (after she reread the first three). I ordered the new Harry Potter book for her but she wants to reread some of the earlier ones before she reads the last one.

  3. Raidergirl... wow for 9 years old, Jack is reading some pretty hard books! That's very cool.

    Daphne... 4th Sisterhood book? I think I missed that one! I better go put it on hold right now!

  4. I think it is harder for boys to get into reading. They just want to move around and explode things.

    My oldest (who is 18 and out of the house) is reading exclusively want ads (needs a job if he wants to keep that apartment of his), and my younger (17) is reading 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac and 'The History of Western Philosophy' by Bertrand Russell. He's a bit of a thinker.



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