Thursday, September 3, 2020

Kdrama Review: Mystic Pop Up Bar

 Drama: Mystic Pop Up Bar (another Netflix one!)

Genre: Fantasy

Starring: Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae, Choi Won Young

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

Lots of people loved this one so much, but I found it to just be... okay. Which is highly unusual, right? I'm usually loving EVERYTHING! I don't know I guess my main issue with it was it was just TOO silly (and I can totally handle a lot of silly) and it went off on way too many tangent stories when all I wanted was our main characters' story. 

It's about a girl from the past who has a very crazy sad tragic story. In her past life, she commits suicide and is then cursed to "live" in the living realm helping people out by solving their grudges. She has to help 100,000 people by a certain deadline or she goes to hell. It's been 500 years and time is about to run out.

Enter our guy, played by the cute and adorable Sungjae (of BTOB) who has a special power that when he touches someone, they just start gushing their inner most thoughts and feelings. He is sick of this power and wants it GONE. When he meets up with our girl from the past, they make a deal. She will get rid of this power for him as soon as he helps her meet the quota.

And so most of the episodes are random characters stories as we enter in their lives (our main characters solve grudges by going into the dreams of people) and figure out their problems and make their lives happy. It's very heartwarming, but sometimes those episodes really dragged for me. 

Toward the end we got more into the back story of our characters, and some pretty great surprises and twists happened. Our guy falls in love with a girl he works with, and their romance was cute but even more slow moving than what is typical for a kdrama! I was so impatient with them!

Anyway. I watched it for Sungjae no doubt. He's absolutely adorable and a fun actor. Also, every episode had cameo appearances by really famous Korean celebrities and it was fun to try and pick them out. 

So in the end, it was fun and cute, but... just not what I was in the mood for I guess. 

Also, for those who are familiar with Hotel del Luna... this one is very similar in premise, but very different in execution. Hotel del Luna is much better in my opinion. But if you liked that one, you might enjoy this one too.

Here's a trailer:

And a lovely fun song!

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