Monday, March 23, 2020

Bored? No way! My Social Distancing Coronavirus Plans

Staying home and puttering around the house is my favorite thing so that aspect of this new life is not a hardship. I have a huge list of things I can do while at home. Who knows if I'll actually DO anything on the list, but I know one thing is for sure, there is no reason to be bored!

Things I could/might/should/may do while staying at home:

  • finish the 4 quilts I've started
  • watch the hundreds of kdramas I'd love to watch (I currently have 3 going)
  • read the hundreds of unread books lying around this house (I currently have 2 going)
  • watch some American series I never watched (like Jane the Virgin, or The Good Place, even Stranger Things maybe)
  • catch up on years worth of scrapbooking
  • finish writing the 4 books I've started but never finished. Or start writing a new one!
  • catch up on journaling
  • film, edit and publish videos to the kpop channel (the ideas for this are constant!)
  • learn the 10 or more kpop groups I currently want to learn
  • organize the two (just two?) rooms that are out of control cluttered!
  • play a virtual scavenger hunt game with extended family
  • deep clean something: wash walls, wipe down all the doors, clean and oil kitchen cupboards
  • try out new recipes
  • learn something on the piano
  • keep blogging and reviewing books etc.
  • interact with kpop twitter and continue to spread positivity there
  • go for walks and take lots of pictures
  • blast and dance to music
  • do zumba at home
  • start doing yoga... at home
  • video call the grandkids
  • video call the parents/grandparents
  • study and learn about something new
  • fill out the 2020 census 
  • play with and give the kitty more attention than she knows what to do with
  • learn Korean once and for all
  • and please please please do not get sick!
AH! Really, I'm overwhelmed with how much there is to do really. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts and if I can put a dent in any of these things!

What's on your list??? Let me know what you plan to do while hunkering down in your house!


  1. Wow!! That seems like a lot of things to get done! You are set for a while!



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