Monday, August 26, 2019

Kdrama Review: My Absolute Boyfriend

Drama: My Absolute Boyfriend
Genre: Romantic comedy/fantasy
Starring: Yeo Jin Goo, Minah
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Up first in the great review catch up is this drama that I could not resist after see the adorable teasers and clips. And at this point I hadn't yet seen the grown up Yeo Jin Goo and I was curious. (You may or may not remember how I was smitten with him as a young actor in Moon Embracing the Sun... and since I was late to THAT party, it seemed VERY fast that he was suddenly grown up!)

So, yeah. this drama is about a company that makes robots, custom made in fact, for very very rich clients. One particular nasty client wanted a "love" robot because her life is very very lonely... for reasons. Well, this robot is accidentally shipped to the wrong address and our main girl opens up the box, the robot falls out and BAM, they "accidentally" kiss... which now of course means that the robot has imprinted on our girl... and he is at the ready to do all the loving she wants!!

And so it goes from there. Our girl is not wanting this burden to deal with, and our robot just wants to love her! And the company dude who made this robot has learned that if the mistake gets fixed and he ends up at the right place, that client will basically destroy him. Since he thinks of this robot as his little brother, he does not want that to happen, so he begs our girl to keep him until he can figure out things.

Well, of course our robot is SO FREAKING ADORABLE, that our girl is very quickly smitten. And meanwhile her own love life is going down the drain and so she rebounds to Mr. Robot.

There are some very funny moments, and yes of course, Jin Goo is amazing in this role and so so cute. The storyline does have some sad moments too, as always, especially when it starts to be come apparent that there will not be a happy ending.

The ending is a bit manipulative as drama endings sometimes are, so that is my only beef with this one. Like... really? But that is such a small bit overall that I still deem this one a very well liked and very fun. Another drama that makes you ponder what it means to love, what it means to be human, how important emotions are and all that fun stuff.

What is it with robot dramas? I love them too much I think!!

Here's a very good trailer:

And a sweet song:

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