Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mini Movie Reviews: Everything Everything, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Hidden Figures

Guys I haven't watched a movie in forever. Everytime we think to go, we look at the list and find that there's nothing there that looks interesting. It's a sad day.

BUT, when you are stuck on a plane for 10 hours (going) and 10 hours (coming back), movies really help to pass the time. So I watched a few. Here are my thoughts.

Everything Everything

This one is based on a YA novel that I read awhile back and seem to remember liking. Let me look it up to be sure.... "Very engaging and romantic and fun! A few nail biting moments and a lovely twisty ending. And yet another awesome book boy to love." 

Yep, I seemed to have liked it! Sweet! Well, so the movie was pretty much the book. I don't think they made really any changes to it. The boy was cute, which the only important thing, right? The girl was beautiful too. I don't know either one of the from previous things. Still, as is my complaint in most things these days, there is really no build up to the relationship and it's a glaring thing for me lately! Build up is so much better! :) Anyway. It was a fun and pleasant movie to watch.

Here's the trailer:


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Well, I'm game for anything King Arthur, as I'm totally in love with all aspects of this story. Though, I must say, I pretty much didn't get anything in this movie. It's a little twisty in that Arthur is raised on the streets of London and grows up not knowing anything about his past, or family or anything. Though he is haunted by nightmares of being ripped from his family and seeing them murdered in front of his little boy face. Sad stuff.

So one day, he is forced to try and pull the sword out of the stone, which everyone is forced to do since the bad guys really need to figure out who the heir is. And so when he pulls it out, everyone, especially himself, is a bit surprised. And now everyone wants to kill him. Yeah, and then stuff happens and there's fighting and I can't even remember now how it ends.

But guys, the music in this one. That's where it's at!!! Much use of breathing as a musical device. I love it. Here's what I mean:

Isn't it awesome? And there's tons more where that came from!

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it already:


Hidden Figures

FINALLY! I was so happy to finally watch this one. Loved it as expected. Such sassy girls they were! And it's such an amazing story, these girls/women who helped get John Glenn in space and more. So stinking smart.. and sassy. And brave. I'm glad we know their story now. Because, we didn't before did we? Did you know this before the movie? Anyway, definitely a feel good movie and one that makes you want to stand up and cheer, thought that's awfully hard to do in an airplane...

The trailer:


Anyway. I'm happy to have caught up on a handful of movies anyway. What should I watch next?


  1. I LOVED Hidden Figures -- haven't seen the other two though. Definitely going to check out the King Arthur one at some point. Great reviews!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed watching some movies. We definitely don't have the same tastes because Corey and I have been to the movies more in the last two-three months than we had all year, lol.

  3. Well if it makes you feel better I've only seen one of these (King Arthur) and I go see movies all the time. Glad they entertained you.

  4. I still haven't seen Hidden Figures! Definitely need to do that soon :) Glad to hear you enjoyed it!



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