Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Year End Number Crunch

Year End Stats

Even with the "epic reading slump" that was this whole year, I guess it's worth recording the numbers, yes? So here's how it all shook down:

Total pages: 9,432
Total Re-reads: 2

Men: 5
Women: 25

ARCs for Review: 2
Supporting Utah Authors: 7
Book Club: 10
Read Alongs: 1

Library: 10
On my Kindle: 4
Bought/Owned: 16
Borrowed: 0

YA: 16
Adult: 9
Middle Grade: 5

From the YA category:
Fantasy: 6
Science Fiction:2
Contemporary: 8

From the Adult category:
Classics: 3
Literary Fiction: 3
Non Fiction/Memoir: 3

From the MG category:
Contemporary: 2
Fantasy: 1
Graphic: 2

Star Ratings:
5 stars: 6
4 stars: 11
3 stars: 8
2 stars: 5


  • I'm about 50 books behind my normal. When I say slump, I mean slump.
  • But the trend for reading still pretty much followed the same pattern.
  • Even with the slump, I read more nonfiction and classics than normal.
  • What I really missed because of the slump: some adult fantasy/science fiction books.
  • I only did one read along this year. I missed doing more of those too.
  • I have a huge pile of books to get to this year. Here's hoping that my focus for reading gets better and my desire to read comes back, and my time for reading can be rediscovered!
  • I really love YA contemporaries! 

Other Numbers Not Book Related
(that I'd like to record even it it's only for my future knowledge):

Total Kdramas consumed: 18 
(9 five hearted ones, 5 four hearted ones)

Total Videos Made for the Kpop Konverters channel: 162
(6 of them with over 10,000 views, 9 with over 5,000 views)

Subscribers for the youtube channel at year end: 4,728
Total views: 395,398 (that's not counting the views that were stolen from us due to the copyright strike)


  • the YouTube endeavor has proved to be much more viable than anticipated
  • the YouTube kpop community is every bit as passionate and active as the book blogging community
  • editing videos takes up a lot of my book reading time
  • subjects/ideas/plans for future videos for this year is a long long list. I feel like all my ideas for what to talk about regarding books just switched to kpop music. It's a bit of a whiplash feeling. 
Even with the slump, I've definitely had a fun year. Here's to the next one! I'd love to find a balance between the two passions! Wish me luck!!


  1. Hope your reading mojo returns!

  2. Hey, you read at least 30 books. That's better than most people, so even with your slump, you're still reading at least. :)

    Your "K" numbers are insane and AWESOME!

  3. Whoa! I didn't know how successful your youtube channel was. Good job! Finding balance in life is always a struggle. Ugh!

  4. 30 books is still pretty good considering how busy you've been with other things! Glad the Kpop thing is going so well for you.

  5. I think your numbers are pretty well rounded. And I only read 20 more books than you do I really should stop teasing you. I hope you find balance this coming year. Maybe we girls should do more read-a-longs.



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