Sunday, April 14, 2013

Currently: Lazy Sunday

(written Sunday afternoon)


** This week, we've been stuck on a new-to-us singer. His name is King Charles. Have you heard of him? His look reminds me of Prince, but his sound reminds me of nothing I've really ever heard before. Take a listen to the two songs that have been stuck in my head all week long and tell me how you would describe them:

** I'm anxious because Muse posted their concert date for our part of the country. I didn't buy tickets...yet. I'm pondering. I'm not sure who I would go with. My kids, except for my 14 year old daughter, are no longer interested. This is strange to me.


**We bought the Les Miserable movie and hope to watch some of it some time today. It will be a re-watch for some of us but a first time through (the new movie anyway) for a few others. I think it will be fun to see it again at home. I look forward to the very first scene. I thought it was awesome.

** Loving Survivor lately! Oh boy, this last tribal council had me biting my fingernails big time! And I can't get enough of Cochran and the funny things he says. He is the coolest!

** I've been watching more season six Dr. Who. One episode freaked me out (Night Terrors) and one had me in tears at the end (The Girl Who Waited) and I'm anxious for more about River Song and all that is being revealed about her! And I'm jealous of you all that are currently watching the new shows!


** I'm reading many things at once right now. It's a bit crazy. I just finished The Eternity Cure, sequel to The Immortal Rules, which comes out in a couple of weeks. Wow, that was a crazy one! Much blood and guts!

** I'm also half way done with I am the Messenger. Did I tell you? I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. :)

** Still working my way through Vanity Fair... about a chapter a week! Ha!

** Also reading an ebook that was brought to my attention by fellow blogger also author, Milda Harris. This is a strange book which I'm not sure how I'll review when the time comes!


** I wrote some letters back to some of those that sent me letters during Letter Month. Sill making my way through that stack! AND I got a lovely sweet postcard from Kelly yesterday. Yay!

** I don't seem to be doing very well with writing those Life Story posts like I wanted to. They are a lot of work.


** HEY!! We'll be having our first monthly Bloggiesta Twitter Chat this Friday! Come talk about how your blogging has been going since Bloggiesta a few weeks ago!

**  I messed with my header yet again!


** lots of spinach
** we are making cookies today to take to a missionary.
** don't let me forget that I bought sweet potatoes to cook sometime soon.
** a Smoky Jack Panini from Jason's Deli


** I have permed my hair yet again.
** The lawn, almost, needs mowing.
** I've been washing quilts.
** The mice really really stink.
** The son had a fun band gig this weekend.
** And that's it for now I suppose!

Have a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon!


  1. I'm totally into Survivor this season too and I think Cochran is in a great place to win. It reminds me of the season Sophie won. She kept herself very likable but had enough game to be competitive. Dawn could be another threat but the ad for next week made me wonder.
    I actually think Phillip is funny this season. I love stealth r us and want my own stealth name! ;)

    1. Smiling: I can't decide who to root for, Cochran or Dawn! :)

    2. I know what you mean. I like them both. Great season!

  2. I'm hoping to join in on the Bloggiesta chat on Friday!! Hope to see you there!!

    1. Tif: Yay! If it turns out to just be me and you, we'll have fun! :) (Kinda nervous about this monthly thing. I guess we'll see.)

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  4. I haven't remembered to buy sweet potatoes in a long while & I love them - thanks for the reminder!



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