Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Movie Review: Lincoln

Movie: Lincoln
Genre: Drama/History
Starring: Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones
Rated: PG13
My Rating: Two Thumbs Up

At first I didn't think I'd really be into seeing this movie, then everyone started raving about it, then it was nominated for a gazillion awards, and so THEN I thought, sheesh, I should see it!

I loved it because it was intense without special effects. We don't see much of that these days. It was a "talking" movie, remember those? And such awesome acting. Yes, I agree that it deserves the attention it's getting.

Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln

The story is mostly about Lincoln and his cabinet trying to get the 13th Amendment passed during the month of January 1865. They needed Democrats on their side, and that was no easy thing. At the same time he was trying to negotiate the end of the Civil War. People told him, he couldn't have both things. It was either one or the other.

Well, not if Mr. Lincoln had a say! He wanted both!

I was hoping it would end before a certain night in April 1865, but no such luck.

Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddius Stevens,
and the leader for the amendment

Some things this movie made me wonder about:
  • was Lincoln really that soft spoken, or was that a Daniel Day Lewis thing?
  • did he really have a kid that young when he died? I guess so.
  • I loved his humility. I hope that's really how he was too.
  • It's amazing that all the events of this movie took place pretty much within a month.
  • Thaddius Stevens, I hadn't heard of him before, but I came right home and looked him up! I so do love Tommy Lee Jones!
  • Wow, Lee Pace is in everything these days! Here he plays the "bad guy" congressmen, against the 13th amendment. Awesome job... but... boo!!!
  • There weren't many scenes from the war, but the bit we did see... awful.
  • If he hadn't been shot, think of all the other things he might have done. It's painful.
  • Poor Mary.
Lee Pace as Mr. Wood and against the amendment
Anyway, it's a fascinating look into a small but very powerful moment in our history acted out in a most awesome manner. Go see it.

The trailer:


  1. I've heard this movie showed Lincoln as dishonest. Some people didn't like how they portrayed Lincoln's character.

    1. Kami: Honest Abe dishonest!? Gasp! Well, actually, there's a moment where he has to make a decision, and if he would have been totally honest, the amendment would not have passed, so he fudged a bit, and worded it like a lawyer and saved the day. At least that's how it's all portrayed here.

  2. I really loved it. The more I read about the actual history later, the more I realized how historically accurate it was. Also, I love Lee Pace in anything and he made a good bad guy in this.

    1. Melissa: I need to read more about the history. I know there's a book for that! Maybe I'll grab that one of these days. Lee Pace... I love him!

  3. I really want to see this. I love Lewis, I love Lincoln and I love history!

    1. Jennifer: SHEESH!!! What are you waiting for? Get to this movie!

  4. I want to see this so bad, but Corey doesn't. I may have to Red Box it when I know he's going to be gone or something. And, that picture doesn't even look like Daniel Day Lewis. They did a great job with the makeup!

  5. One day I'm sure I'll see this one but I must admit, I'm not in any rush.

  6. Ever since this was at our local theater, I wanted to see this, but didn't...until the last week it was there and I'm so glad we did. It was great. Daniel Day Lewis has the Oscar tied up in my opinion.

  7. Really, really, really want to see this one!!!

  8. I keep convincing myself I'll be bored by this movie but I suspect I wouldn't be. I need to make time to see it. Great review … you encouaraged me to give it a go.



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