Friday, September 7, 2007

Misc. Book Thoughts for the Day

What I'm thinking today, regarding books anyway:

  • I need to read one other Markus Zusak book.... Underdog. It's on Amazon for a mere $80! What's up with that? Out of print already? Rare, and collectible? Hmmmm.....
  • Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm starting to gather a bunch of YA books to read over the next few weeks for the book fair. I hope I find some great ones!
  • Bud is getting off to a good start in his AP English class and has read Animal Farm, and The Lord of the Flies so far. Next up is Robinson Crusoe.
  • I'm so excited for my book club in a couple of weeks! We'll be talking about Stephenie Meyer's books and every one is buzzing! I hope to have a ton of people here.
  • When will the next Eragon and the next Inkheart books be out? I'm going to go crazy!
  • I decided to make good use of my Amazon Wishlist this coming holiday season, something I've not really done before. It will be interesting to see if it is beneficial. Do you think someone will buy me the Underdog book? I'm going to put a bunch of piano/music books on there too I think.

I guess that's all of my main book thoughts for today!

Have a great weekend people!


  1. hi, I'm not sure how much you want the Zusak book, but try looking here:
    Shipping is the biggest issue I imagine, but there may be somewhere that is more reasonable.
    Let me know if you find it. I read the Fighting Ruben Wolfe, and will look in the library for the Girl one. Of course, I haven't read The Book Thief yet, but I plan to read it for a themed challenge in January. I'm reading books about books.

  2. It will be much cheaper to buy Underdog from an Australian bookseller. I found it at the following link for about $15AU so when you add shipping it might be $25US or so, but still significantly cheaper than the listing on Amazon.

  3. I guess I need to decide how bad I want this book! I want to READ it badly, but I really don't want to BUY it that badly. You see. Thanks for the ideas though. I looked at booksprice and saw that AbesBooks is selling it for 300+ dollars! Buying it right form Australia is good idea too, but I still don't want to pay more than a normal price for it, so.... there you have it!



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