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I'm currently not accepting review requests. Feeling too much in a slump and behind with so much other reading.  I'll let you know when this status changes!


Like any avid book blogger and book fanatic, I enjoy getting books to review. In fact, this is something I never even realized was a part of this hobby until a couple of years after I started. It is a blast getting things in the mail and feeling like someone really wants to know what I think!

That being said, I also don't want review books to take over this hobby and make it suddenly seem like work and not fun. Plus, I have my own agenda of books I want to read that is never ending, and I won't let that list take a back seat.

That's all to say that I love to review books, but I will only accept those that I think I'll really read and will pass on a lots of opportunities, though it kills me to do so!

What I Like

I enjoy reading nearly anything. But I especially enjoy reading YA books of any type. I also really really like fantasy and science fiction. My love for the classics and historical fiction runs quite deep. Of course I read all sorts of literary fiction and/or contemporary fiction too. For some reason I don't manage to fit in non-fiction very often, but when I do, I end up loving it, especially memoirs.

What I Don't Like

I'm not a huge fan of mysteries. I also don't read erotica or anything overly graphic, abusive or with a blatant amount of curse words.


I'm a traditional book girl. I haven't yet warmed up to audio books, or e-readers and I can't stand reading stuff on the computer, so no PDFs. (Update to add: I have a KINDLE! So, I totally enjoy ebooks now of course!)

Thoughts on Time

If I'm especially excited about something, I'll read it within a month usually. If it's not as high on my priority scale, it will get stuck behind all the other things on my TBR pile, but I would try to get to it before six months are over. Sometimes if I feel I can't fit something in, my husband and/or daughter will join the fun and read it for me and post a guest review on my blog.

Author Interaction and Giveaways

I love connecting with authors, so guest posts and interviews are great. However, I don't want a blog where that's all I have so I will limit them. I do have an author feature where I ask authors one question: What five books are most important or influential to you?  Hopefully every author I come in contact with will at some point want to participate in that particular feature.

Giveaways aren't my most favorite thing. I will do them now and then, but only a handful a year, and only if I'm really feeling it.

Numbers (if I have to)

I had almost 600 subscribers on Google Reader when it went away, and 413 followers through Google Friend Connect. Feedly reports 177 readers while Bloglovin says 123. Google Analytics reports that I get about 200 or so unique visitors a day and roughly 400 page views a day. I also have about 1515 followers on Twitter.

More About Me

To learn more about the "personal" me, click over to this page where I list some of my favorite things and how I spend my time when/if I'm not reading or blogging.

Contact Info

Email: jenstusue AT yahoo DOT com
Twitter: @SueySays


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